Ethereum : What is going on? 6x 580 rig can’t get past 6 mh/s each card.

Ethereum update: What is going on? 6x 580 rig can’t get past 6 mh/s each card.

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6x rx 580 bios modded

Each gpu was running at 29.5 mh/s before. rig randomly started resetting (Over 200 resets overnight), and I can’t get it stable at all. at 300/300/800 the rig is stable at 6 mh/s each card. at 300/400/800 the rig restarts like it was before. I’m at a loss. It was previously at 1100/2050/975.

This is on a simplemining account with 25 other rigs. Half are amd, the other half nvidia. There are other rigs of this EXACT configuration under this accounit with the same pool settings, etc.

What should I try?

EDIT: Found the solution. I turned the rig off for two days. Restart it and it worked perfectly. I’m a tech support legend.

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