Ethereum : What will blockchain do to the entertainment industry?

Ethereum update: What will blockchain do to the entertainment industry?

Has anyone else seen the way blockchain technology is changing the entertainment industry? I have been watching the developments take place over the last year, and I am excited where things are going. There are some serious waves being made within the industry.

It looks as if blockchain technology is turning the market on its head by eliminating the middleman from the equation. Traditionally, the middleman in the entertainment business has always profited hugely off the labors fo others. Today, that dynamic may change as platforms such as Apollon are looking to bring the market into a true Business-to-business economic structure.

In its current state, implementing a blockchain network can be too expensive for most firms to afford. Apollon is looking to extend their blockchain to service professionals and in turn, provide the entire leisure and entertainment industry with a more efficient means of conducting business.

Apollon is different than some of the other freelancing platforms entering the cryptospace because of its use of dual tokens. A stable coin is used when purchasing services to avoid volatility concerns, and an internal token is used for all other processes on the platform. This model is way different than the business model’s currently out.

The platform is already raising eyebrows amongst the cryptocommunity as a recent event held at JP occasion saw more than 3000 attendees. The company’s CEO spoke at the event in which he further explained the dynamics of this revolutionary platform to cheering crowd.

The benefits of this platform are hard to dismiss. The entertainment and leisure industries are huge, and there isn’t a platform that merges these sectors. I think Apollon could be the missing link that the entertainment industry needs to break out of its current stagnant status and move on to bigger and better projects. Their subreddit:

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