Ethereum : Windows based miner stopped posting

Ethereum update: Windows based miner stopped posting

Hey guys, I need a few suggestions or opinions..

At the start of this week, one of my miners had completely stopped getting passed the BIOS and into windows. I can access the BIOS no problem, but anything after that is just blank. I do not think it has to do with the other hardware so much as the drive, because I swapped in another SSD with EthOS on it, and it’s working fine.

Now my question is: is the SSD done for or is there something else that I am not aware of?


Edit: Happened to my 2nd Windows 10 rig as well… Except this one makes an attempt to post and log into Windows and then stops short after the loading screen.
I am able to Safe Mode myself in, and have attempted various repair functions, but no luck so far.

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