Ethereum : Windows Update F***ed up my mining rig. AGAIN.

Ethereum update: Windows Update F***ed up my mining rig. AGAIN.

Hi Guys,

So Microsoft have done it again…

I have tried my heart out to ensure windows update does not update the whole. Epic fail.

The other day, I get home to see the almighty update busy installing, after it restarted, my 6 card rig using claymore was only giving me 31M/H.

Luckily I had some help from a mate who knows what to do.

He redirected me to AMD’s site and I downloaded the NEW blockchain drivers.

I uninstalled the AMD drivers with Window’s (not so appalling this time) uninstall in Programs and features.

Then I installed the new drivers, waited, and voila – my 4 x RX580 working fine.

My other 2 x RX480’s were not detected so I needed to patch them with ATIKMAG patcher tool.

After letting the patch run, restarting I’m back mining at 168M/H (roughly 28M/H per card)

Just wanted to share with anyone else tearing their hair out over this. Happy Mining.

My rig:

4 x RX580 8GB Asus Strix
2 x RX480 4GB Sapphire Nitro Plus
MSI z170a Gaming Pro Carbon (7 GPU Mobo)

View the link

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