Ethereum : z270xp won’t take 6GPU mining

Ethereum update: z270xp won’t take 6GPU mining

Hello guys! So i had a very weird occurrence, I was running 6 gpu’s on my z270xp mobo with a 1200 watt power supply. The cards are GTX 1070’s x4 and p104-100’s x2. And the rig ran flawlessly for weeks. The other day i removed 3 cards to make a custom case for the rig. But when i reinstalled them on the original rig that had been running for weeks it refuses to work. I have narrowed it down a bit.

i know that the rig will run with any 5 GPU’s but whenever i add the 6th GPU the bios resets itself MOBO turns on and off repeatedly before booting up. And upon entering bios again it says they reset themselves. But like i mentioned i had it running with 6 cards before, i just don’t recall my settings, i didnt think i would ever have to re insert them.

Any help letting me know what bios settings i need for my rig to run with 6 cards successfully like it did before?

Update: I was able to solve my problem. My Bios was the F6 versions, i upgraded to the F9a version which i found here: []( and i was able to run all 6 cards with the video output coming from the motherboard.

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