What do dashed lines mean on onX?

Highways and roads

Double-dashed thick line – two-track or 4×4 trail. Single-dashed or thin double-dashed line – dirt/gravel road.

Similarly, Who owns onX Hunt? Eric Siegfried founded onX in 2009 to help hunters, including himself, see public land boundaries while in the field. He had a vision for how accurate location data with plug-and-play simplicity would support hunters and explorers alike.

Then, Is there a compass on onX?

Your location can be seen by looking for the blue dot on the screen. North Up/Compass – The map is set to north up. To view the compass in order to see which way you are moving tap the home button again to activate the compass mode. Three separate basemaps give you a clear understanding of your surroundings.

And What are blue dots on onX? It’s state trust land that is open for public hunting access. If its state trust land that doesn’t have the dots, the description should say no public access since its leased to a private party. Edit: or it is a state wildlife area open to public hunting access.

What does green dots on onX mean? All Possible Access timber lands are represented with green dots. NGOs – Our research indicates that non-profit groups usually, but not always, allow public access on their lands without prior permission.

Where is onXmaps located?

onxMaps is located in Missoula, Montana, United States .

How many users does onX Hunt have?

More than a million people use the free version of onXmaps’ Hunting app.

How old are onX maps?

Satellite imagery will be at least 2-3 years old depending on the area, and is included in to give you a general idea of the terrain and not meant to reflect current conditions on the ground. Click here to learn more about our Satellite Imagery.

Why is onX not showing property lines?

Features are not enabled: Memberships mean property lines on the map, but these will not appear if they are not turned on, or if you’re not zoomed in close enough to see them. We recommend following the steps below to get your Membership up and running: STEP 1: Update your onX Hunt App to the latest version.

Where can I find hunting land on onX?

Find Private & Public Hunting Land Near You – 5 Tips for 2019

  1. Hunt App. Hands-down the most comprehensive tool for discovering good hunting lands, the Hunt App is the landmark of the onX world. …
  2. E-Scout With Web Map. …
  3. Hone In On A Specific State. …
  4. Hone In On A Specific Hunting Zone or Unit. …
  5. Share / Receive Waypoints.

How do I read onX?

Reading your map in the onX Hunt Web Map

  1. Add a photo waypoint at the location you tapped.
  2. Add a regular waypoint at the location you tapped.
  3. Share the location with another onX Hunt user to help you coordinate.
  4. Report an error on the map. Click here to learn how to report map errors.

What is onX secret spot mode?

Secret Spot Mode: when this setting is turned on, GPS coordinates in the bottom right corner are replaced by “00.000, 00.000.” Crosshair Visibility: show or hide crosshairs in the center of your map. Show Coordinates: when this setting is turned off, GPS coordinates in the bottom right corner are hidden completely.

How can you tell wind direction on onX?

Tap on any Waypoint on your map. Then, under Waypoint Tools, tap “Wind Direction”. Choose whether you want to see the Current Wind Direction on your Waypoint or set an Optimal Wind for this location. After selecting Optimal Wind, a pie chart with wind directions will appear around your Waypoint.

What are the yellow lines on onX?

Highways and roads

Light yellow line: state highway. Solid white line: side street.

How do I read an onX map?

Reading your map in the onX Hunt App

Tap any location on the main map to display the info card. The info card gives you information about Map Layers that are turned on and visible at that location.

How do I contact an onX map?

Contact customer support at, or we can be reached at (406) 540-1600 between 9am – 4pm, MT time.

Is onX Hunt good for hiking?

Hiking and Trail Running

It’s not just the massive amount of trail maps that makes the Hunt App so useful, but the Mileage and Slope Layers that make this the most useful hiking app.

How do I cancel onXmaps?

If your purchase source is “”:

Click “My Account.” Click “My Account” at the top of the Profile & Account Menu. Click “Manage” next to “My Memberships.” Click “Cancel Membership.”

Who founded onX?

Ten Questions With onX Founder Eric Siegfried.

Is BaseMap free?

I’ve had BaseMap for about a month. I started with the free version, then upgraded to Pro. Being able to look up a property line or who owns a property is something I use on a weekly basis.

How accurate is onX?

For the most part, you can expect the private property boundaries to be accurate to within 5-10 feet. However, this depends on the individual county and data source.

How often does Onxmaps update?

Many of our datasets are updated weekly and some, like active wildfire data, are updated four times per day.” These rapid updates come when new information is supplied by providers. Once the map data arrives at onX, we can now implement and update maps extremely quickly.

How do I find my property lines onX?

It’s simple to find and navigate property lines online or through the App. Choosing from three different Basemaps built by onX: Satellite, Topo, or Hybrid, users just need to select the Private Lands Layer in the list under Map Layers > My Layers. The property lines will be displayed with a red outline.

How do I find out who owns land near me?

Start with a public records search at the local county recorder’s office or the tax assessor. The recorder’s office keeps all the permanent public records that have to do with real property. The clerk will do the property owner lookup for you with the address you’ve given them.

How do I find my property lines for GPS?

How to find property lines with a GPS:

  1. Purchase and upload GPS mapping software, such as Global Mapper, to your GPS device. …
  2. Obtain a plat map, legal survey review, mortgage map, or legal land map from your county clerk’s office or mortgage servicing provider.

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