Is DexTools IO trustworthy?

DEXTools is trusted by Defi traders around the world and is seen as an industry standard. The platform continues to innovate and improve its trading app services each day.

Similarly, What is liquidity in crypto? Liquidity in cryptocurrency markets essentially refers to the ease with which tokens can be swapped to other tokens (or to government issued fiat currencies). One way a market achieves liquidity is through the use of order books, like in a stock market.

Then, Is there a DEXTools app?

On 15 October, we will officially turn on the brand-new core ecosystem that will power DEXTools’ industry-leading trading data and tools platform moving our application from beta into the “public app”.

And What is Dextool io? DEXtools is a price data analytics tool which helps traders to more easily navigate decentralized networks. One of the most important features of the platform is the ability to keep a record of the live price of tokens.

What is UniSwap v3? UniSwap is a protocol that allows traders to swap Ethereum ERC20 tokens without using an order book. The swap rate is based on the demand for both tokens and the balances of the swapping pair. Traditional markets heavily rely on liquidity for their success.

Is high liquidity good crypto?

Liquidity is important for all tradable assets including cryptocurrencies. Low liquidity levels mean that market volatility is present, causing spikes in cryptocurrency prices. High liquidity, on the other hand, means there is a stable market, with few fluctuations in price.

Is locked liquidity good?

How much liquidity I should lock? Liquidity is the first thing that your investors check for and anything which stands out might make them uncomfortable. Ideally, you should lock all your liquidity, and at minimum 80%.

Why is high liquidity good?

A company’s liquidity indicates its ability to pay debt obligations, or current liabilities, without having to raise external capital or take out loans. High liquidity means that a company can easily meet its short-term debts while low liquidity implies the opposite and that a company could imminently face bankruptcy.

What are pairs in Crypto?

Summary. “Trading pairs” or “cryptocurrency pairs” are assets that can be traded for each other on an exchange. Two specific examples of trading pairs are bitcoin/litecoin (BTC/LTC) and ether/bitcoin cash (ETH/BCH).

What is PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX), allowing investors to swap BEP-20 tokens. BEP-20 tokens are tokens built on top of the Binance Smart Chain that don’t have their own blockchain. The platform is built on Binance Smart Chain instead of Ethereum, giving it a number of advantages.

What is the cost of Ethereum?

Ethereum Price Update

Ethereum Price Value
Today/Current/Last 2,17,559
1 Day Return -1.58%
7 Day Return -5.68%

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What is CoinGecko?

CoinGecko is a digital currency price and information data platform. It helps its users quantitatively evaluate and rank their coins. CoinGecko is a Singapore-based company that was founded in 2014 by TM Lee and Bobby Ong.

What’s a dext score?

The DEXT Score is an algorithm created by DEXTools that measures all the information we get from the blockchain and some external information sources to measure the confidence of a project. The score obtained ranges from 99 (Maximum) to 1 (Minimum).

How does DEXTools IO work?

How does DEXTools work? DEXTools is a responsive trading software that you can easily access from any browser and device. The public beta was recently released on 13 June 2020 and is free to use. Once the final version will be released in Q3 2020, it will require a subscription that can be paid with the DEXT token.

What is TVL in crypto?

Total value locked, or TVL, across all DeFi protocols is the sum of all staked crypto assets that are earning rewards, interest and so on. The total amount locked on chains has dropped about 16% from a peak in early December 2021, but market players feel the DeFi space is still in its early stages and has room to grow.

Is Uniswap V3 cheaper?

On this platform you can perform swaps and provide liquidity 10.2x times cheaper than on the main network.

Is Uniswap V3 good?

In summary, Uniswap V3 is not strictly better than the current V2. It chose the path of capital efficiency, worsening impermanent loss in many scenarios and significantly complicating the “passive income” aspect of AMM liquidity provision.

Is it easy to liquidate cryptocurrency?

It’s simple, easy, and secure, but it’s not the fastest method. The average time for money to reach your account is about 4-6 days but it varies by country. Any associated fees also depend on the country that your bank is located in. Bitcoin ATMs and Bitcoin Debit Cards function in the same way as third-party brokers.

Is Shiba Inu liquid?

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Shiba inu has a total supply of 1 quadrillion. Ryoshi claims they do not hold any shiba inu coins and nearly half of its supply is locked in a liquidity pool on decentralized exchange Uniswap. The rest was sent to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Which Cryptos are most liquid?

Globally, the Bitcoin market is the most liquid market in crypto.

How much liquidity do you need for PancakeSwap?

Whenever someone trades on PancakeSwap, the trader pays a 0.25% fee, of which 0.17% is added to the Liquidity Pool of the swap pair they traded on. For example: There are 10 LP tokens representing 10 CAKE and 10 BNB tokens.

What is lockup time pink sale?

Lock-up Period is a pre-planned span of time, usually following a token sale when token holders of a cryptocurrency project are prohibited from selling their tokens. The Lock-up Period helps projects avoid liquidity problems while they are still in the process of strengthening their supporter base.

What is rug pull?

Rug pulls are a lucrative scam in which a crypto developer promotes a new project—usually a new token—to investors, and then disappears with tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

Can a company be profitable but not liquid?

Yes, a company can be profitable but not liquid because of accrual basis of accounting.

How liquid is your organization?

The current ratio (also known as working capital ratio) measures the liquidity of a company and is calculated by dividing its current assets by its current liabilities. The term current refers to short-term assets or liabilities that are consumed (assets) and paid off (liabilities) is less than one year.

How can I invest money and keep it liquid?

13 Best Liquid Investments Available

  1. Cash Investments. …
  2. Fixed Interest. …
  4. Online Savings Account. …
  5. Crypto Savings Account. …
  6. Certificates of Deposit (CDs) …
  7. Money Market Account. …
  8. Online Checking Accounts.

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