Does MetaMask work with Polygon?

Once you’ve set up your MetaMask wallet, you simply need to add the Polygon network to your wallet so you can access it. To do that, we will open the side panel of our MetaMask wallet and click the “Expand view” option under the three dots on the top-right. Your wallet will open up on a new browser tab like this.

Similarly, Can MetaMask hold Polygon Matic? Introduction. Interacting with the Polygon blockchain requires a compatible crypto wallet such as MetaMask. However, MetaMask doesn’t have Polygon added as a network by default. Setting up your browser wallet to connect to Polygon is simple and can be done in just a few minutes.

Then, Does Matic work with MetaMask?

The Matic Web Wallet supports MetaMask. After connecting to your MetaMask account, it will then navigate back to the Matic Wallet interface. You can easily deposit your funds from Ethereum to Matic using the web wallet. Ensure you have ETH or ERC 20 tokens on the Ethereum mainnet.

And How do I transfer Matic from Polygon to MetaMask? Go to the Polygon/Matic web wallet at Make sure your MetaMask network is set to “Ethereum Mainnet” in the dropdown menu, then connect to the wallet. If the wallet doesn’t take you to the bridge immediately, click on “Move funds to Matic Mainnet”.

How do I add the Polygon network to MetaMask? Connect Your MetaMask With Polygon Network

  1. 1) Go to the settings page.
  2. 2) Click on Networks > Add Network.
  3. 3) Key in the relevant details:
  4. In times of congested networks, sometimes changing the RPC url helps out:
  5. Read here on HOW-TO switch your RPC url:

How do I connect to a Polygon network MetaMask?

  1. Open MetaMask. Open your MetaMask browser extension by clicking the top right corner of your Browser.
  2. Go to settings. Click on the logo of your account at the top right of the MetaMask app. …
  3. Go to networks. …
  4. Add the network details. …
  5. Connect your MetaMask to the Polygon network.

How do I get a Polygon wallet address in MetaMask?

  1. To do this, click on the “Ethereum Mainnet” found on the upper right-hand of your screen. The available networks will appear. …
  2. Using the same browser, go to and click on “Polygon Wallet.” Then, choose MetaMask.
  3. A Signature Request from your MetaMask will pop up. Click “Sign.”

How do I get Matic on Polygon network?

How to buy MATIC

  1. Sign up for a Kraken account. Enter an email address, username and a strong password to protect your account.
  2. Verify your account. …
  3. Add funds or a payment method to your account. …
  4. Purchase Polygon MATIC!

How do I add a Matic network to MetaMask?

In MetaMask mobile application, Go to Settings -> Networks -> Add Network. Then, copy-paste the Polygon network details. Now, you can send and receive MATIC on your MetaMask wallet and access dApps. You can also mint Polygon-based NFTs for FREE.

How do I add a Matic to a Polygon network?

Prerequisite: Add the Polygon network to MetaMask

  1. Open MetaMask and click on the dropdown button at the top that says “Ethereum Mainnet”
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click “Custom RPC”
  3. Fill in the fields as follows: – Network Name: Polygon. – New RPC URL: – Chain ID: 137. …
  4. Click “Save”

How do you find the ETH of a Polygon MetaMask?

For example, if you use MetaMask, simply copy the address at the top of the MetaMask extension and copy it in the search field on Polygonscan. You’ll then be taken to the address view where you can see balances for various tokens on Polygon (PoS). To see your Polygon ETH balance, simply click on the “Token” field.

How do I transfer a Polygon from NFT to MetaMask?

Activating the Polygon blockchain on your wallet app (if required)

  1. Login to Metamask.
  2. On the Network dropdown, select Custom RPC.
  3. Save it – you will then see the new addition to your Metamask dropdown.

How do you bridge Matic from ETH to Polygon?

How to use the Matic Bridge to bridge tokens

  1. Log in to the Polygon Web Wallet by clicking on the Polygon Bridge.
  2. Next, you need to connect your Ethereum wallet. …
  3. A digital signature is required to connect your MetaMask wallet to your Polygon wallet.

Is Matic a erc20 token?

Polygon (MATIC) exists on the Ethereum blockchain, but it is so unique that it no longer meets the ERC-20 Standard.

How do I add a Matic chain to MetaMask?

To add manually, open your MetaMask wallet. Click on the Network Selection dropdown located near the profile icon. Then, select Add Network and add the network name, RPC URL, chain id, currency symbol, and block explorer URL manually.

How do I view Polygon NFTs on MetaMask?

Activating the Polygon blockchain on your wallet app (if required)

  1. Login to Metamask.
  2. On the Network dropdown, select Custom RPC.
  3. Save it – you will then see the new addition to your Metamask dropdown.

Can you transfer NFT from Polygon to Ethereum?

The Polygon Bridge is a trustless cross-chain transaction channel between Polygon and Ethereum. It allows users to transfer ERC tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the Polygon sidechain, all through the use of smart contracts.

Is Polygon address same as Ethereum?

Yes, the Polygon address and the Ethereum address are practically the same and that’s partly why you can “bridge” between them on your OpenSea account. Polygon is an Ethereum-based project that allows scalable, secure, and instant transactions with much lower gas fees.

How do I buy Matic using MetaMask?

To get these MATIC tokens for FREE, go to Then click “Connect.” Select MetaMask and make sure that it is set to MATIC Mainnet. Click “Next” and then “Connect.” Polygon Faucet will give you some MATIC tokens for your gas fee when swapping your BNB tokens to MATIC tokens.

How do I add a Polygon to MetaMask Opensea?

To do so, head to to the MetaMask extension and make sure you are on Polygon’s network, or “Matic Mainnet”. Then click “Import Token” at the bottom of the extension. Copy the contract address from above into “Token Contract Address” and click next, then confirm again on the next window.

Can MetaMask show NFTs?

At the moment you can see your NFTs only on Metamask Mobile. You can add NFTs as custom tokens in the web extension, but you will not be able to see them natively in the UI. MetaMask Mobile displays NFTs under Collectibles.

Can you swap ETH to Matic on MetaMask?

1) Go to and connect using MetaMask. 2) You should be prompted by MetaMask for a Signature Request. Click the Sign button. 3) Next click the button Move Funds to Matic Network.

Is Usdt an ERC-20?

Its deposit address is the ETH address, with deposits and withdrawals taking place on the ETH network. The protocol of USDT-ERC20 is the ERC20 protocol.

Does Polygon use ERC-20?

Deposit ERC20 (2 step process)

Once approved, the deposit function is to be invoked where the tokens get deposited to the Polygon contract, and are available for use in Polygon.

Is ERC-20 a Binance Matic?

In addition to mainnet MATIC token deposits, Binance.US offers existing deposit and withdrawal support for ERC-20 and BSC (BEP-20) MATIC tokens.

How do you send a Polygon from Coinbase to MetaMask?

Steps to Send MATIC from Coinbase to MetaMask

  1. Install MetaMask Wallet.
  2. Add Polygon Network to MetaMask.
  3. Copy the MetaMask Address.
  4. Click Send/ Receive.
  5. Paste the MetaMask Address.
  6. Enter the Verification Code.
  7. Check your MetaMask Wallet.

Does MetaMask support Polygon NFTs?

Unfortunately, MetaMask cannot show your NFT. Go to OpenSea or another Polygon compatible NFT platform and connect it to MetaMask.

Where can I see my Polygon NFTs?

To find items on Polygon, check Polygon under the Chains section on the left panel when browsing NFT items. Polygon items can be identified by the purple hexagon logo on the lower-right corner of each NFT item.

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