Are Gandalf and Galadriel in love?

While the relationship between Gandalf and Galadriel is expanded in the books (as are most things), the one thing the books and films have in common is that that relationship is always 100 percent platonic.

Similarly, How is glorfindel related to Galadriel? Glorfindel was said to be descended from a house of princes and one of the noble elves in Gondolin. Due to his golden hair, he might be descended from a Ñoldorin-Vanyarin intermarriage, like Finrod and Galadriel.

Then, Why is Gandalf called mithrandir?

Mithrandir is a Sindarin name used by the Elves to refer to Gandalf and since Gandalf can speak Sindarin, he also often uses that name. “Mithrandir” means “Grey Pilgrim” or “Wanderer” in Sindarin, which is a reference to Gandalf’s character.

And Are Arwen and Legolas related? Are Legolas and Arwen related? No, there is no connection between Legolas and Arwen. If there is any connection between Legolas and Arwen, they must be distant cousins. No blood connection was implied between the two of them.

Who has the 3 Elf rings? One was given to Galadriel, one to Gil-Galad, and one to Cirdan the Shipwright. Elrond recieved Gil-Galad’s ring sometime before the Last Alliance. Cirdan gave his ring to Gandalf when the Istari came to Middle Earth. So, in LoTR, Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf hold the Three Elven Rings.

Are Elrond and Thranduil related?

Both also lost significant father figures in the War, Thranduil his actual father Oropher, and Elrond his mentor Gil-galad. Both are in a sense widowers.

How did Arnor fall?

The Kingdom of Arnor had been fallen for a thousand years by the time the War of the Ring broke out, but northern forces did participate in the War. Aragorn participated, the Heir of Isildur, and there were several hundred of them operating during the conflict.

Why did Glorfindel not join the fellowship?

Keep reading to find out! And while the exact reason was never explicitly stated, we can assume that Glorfindel, Elrond and Galadriel opted out of the journey because the One Ring would have too much power over them, which would make them not only useless during the journey, but also a hindrance for the Fellowship.

Is Legolas older than Gandalf?

Gandalf has a younger form in Middle-Earth who is appeared to be about 60 but in reality he is 2019 making him older than Middle-Earth. Legolas was not born in TA 87, that date was made up for a reference book to the films.

Who are the 2 blue Wizards?

In the game their names are not said, but the description of the artifact implies the two wizards are Alatar and Pallando.

What happens to Tauriel?

Tauriel’s fate

Tauriel was banished from Mirkwood by Thranduil, so what happens to Tauriel after the Battle of Five Armies remains unknown, although actress Evangeline Lilly stated in an interview that Tauriel returns to Mirkwood.

What race of elf is Elrond?

Elrond Half-elven is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium. Both of his parents, Eärendil and Elwing, were half-elven, having both Men and Elves as ancestors.

Race Half-elven , choosing the fate of Elves
Book(s) The Hobbit The Lord of the Rings The Silmarillion Unfinished Tales

Who is older Legolas or Arwen?

He’s older than Arwen shes 2901. But he’s younger than Elladan & Elrohir they’re both near 3000. Legolas is 2931.

Why does Gandalf wear Ring of fire?

Gandalf was given Narya by Círdan the Shipwright because he believed that Gandalf had the highest inner greatness of all the Istari (Wizards). The scene is described in The Silmarillion: Take now this Ring, for thy labours and thy cares will be heavy, but in all it will support thee and defend thee from weariness.

Who has the 7 dwarf rings?

Sauron recovered the Seven Rings from information provided by Celebrimbor, and gave them to the leaders of the seven kindreds of the Dwarves: Durin’s Folk, Firebeards, Broadbeams, Ironfists, Stiffbeards, Blacklocks, and Stonefoots, though a tradition of Durin’s Folk claimed that Durin received his ring from the Elven- …

What does Elrond’s Ring do?

The Ring may have had the power to control minor elements, given that Elrond was able to summon a torrent of water as the Nazgûl attempted to capture Frodo and the One Ring.

Who is stronger Elrond vs Thranduil?

Elrond’s army contains more powerful warriors than Thranduil’s though. Who has done more for middle earth? Elrond, easily. He’s been one of the major figures in fighting Sauron during the second and third ages, while Thranduil is mostly focused on his own realm.

How is Legolas related to Elrond?

Legolas came to the Council of Elrond in Rivendell, the great meeting held by the Elf lord Elrond, as a messenger from his father to discuss the escape of Gollum.

What happened to Thranduil?

After the fall of Sauron, Thranduil fixed the southern boundary of his realm as the Mountains of Mirkwood, and his realm flourished well into the Fourth Age. He may have stayed on as the king of the Great Forest or left Middle-earth and departed to the Undying Lands.

Are Arnor and Gondor the same?

Arnor was founded in SA 3320 by Elendil, the sister kingdom to the southern realm of Gondor founded by his sons. The history of the two kingdoms are intertwined; both kingdoms are known as the Realms of the Dúnedain in Exile.

Why is Aragorn king of Arnor?

Isildur confirmed Anárion’s son Meneldil as King of Gondor. But after Isildur’s death, in practice, Arnor and Gondor became separate kingdoms. Heirs of Isildur ruled Arnor; heirs of Anárion ruled Gondor. Aragorn was a descendant of Isildur, and thus heir to the (now lost) kingdom of Arnor.

How is Aragorn king of Arnor?

Upon Sauron’s defeat, Aragorn was crowned as King Elessar, a name given to him by Galadriel. He became the twenty-sixth King of Arnor,thirty-fifth King of Gondor and the first High King of the Reunited Kingdom, though it would be several years before his authority was firmly reestablished in Arnor.

Why did Elrond not stop isildur?

Elrond Didn’t Push Isildur Because That Moment Never Happened. The scene in question happened in The Fellowship of the Ring, just before the Council of Elrond, when Elrond and Gandalf were discussing what would happen to the Ring.

Why didn’t Boromir get a gift from Galadriel?

It may simply be that the belt didn’t impact the story enough, so it was cut for time. Though it’s sad that Boromir was left belt-less in the movie, the knowledge that he received something useful and meaningful in the book is comforting.

Why didn’t the elves take the Ring?

Remember that the power of the Elves — and they still possessed much power, more than mortal Men — did not make them immune to the Ring’s corruption, but quite the opposite. The more powerful they were, the more they would be tempted to use the Ring, to master it with their power, and thus fall.

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