Can I get LBC on DAB radio?

LBC is available on 97.3FM in London and will take the national DAB slot previously occupied by Jazz FM. Jazz FM stopped national transmission on DAB on 1 January, but remains available on DAB in London.

Similarly, Who owns LBC? Fifteen years ago a then 30-year-old Ashley Tabor-King sparked a British radio revolution striking the first of a series of deals totalling more than £600m that would ultimately create Europe’s biggest commercially funded group, owner of stations from Capital and Heart to LBC and Classic FM.

Then, How can I get LBC?

Here are all the ways you can listen to LBC.

  1. Online via Global Player’s Website.
  2. Via the Global Player mobile app.
  3. On Smart Speakers.
  4. Through Your TV.
  5. On DAB Digital and Radio.

And Is LBC app free? And best of all, it’s completely free and available worldwide. With the Global Player, you can: Hear the best shows from the biggest names in radio: Chris Moyles, Johnny Vaughan, Roman Kemp, Nick Ferrari, Myleene Klass, James O’Brien, Nigel Farage and many more.

What are DAB radio stations? (DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and DAB+ is the digital radio standard used in Australia). Standard AM/FM radios are not able to receive digital radio. All your favourite ABC stations are on digital radio (where available).

Where is LBC radio based?

LBC (originally the London Broadcasting Company) is a British phone-in and talk radio station owned and operated by Global and based in its headquarters in London. It was the UK’s first licensed commercial radio station, and began to broadcast on Monday 8 October 1973, a week ahead of Capital Radio.

What is the best talk radio station?

Top 10 Talk Radio Stations in the U.S.

  • KFI-AM – KFI AM 640 – Los Angeles (2)
  • WABC-AM – 77 WABC Radio – New York (1)
  • WSB-AM – AM 750 – Atlanta (9)
  • WGN-AM – Radio 720 WGN – Chicago (3)
  • WOR-AM – WOR Radio 710 – New York (1)
  • WBZ-AM – WBZ Newsradio 1030 – Boston (7)
  • WKXW-FM – New Jersey 101.5 – Philadelphia (4)

How many people listen LBC?

Conversation. More people are listening to LBC than at any other time in our 48-year history. A record-breaking 3.1 million of you are choosing us every week.

How can I get LBC radio on my phone?

LBC Radio App – Apps on Google Play.

What radio channel is capital?

The Capital radio frequency for all of these stations broadcasts Capital radio live on 95 – 106fm.

What channel is LBC on?


Frequency DAB: 11D Digital One DAB+: 6C DigiB (Malta) FM 97.3 MHz London Freesat: 734 Freeview: 732 Sky (UK only): 0124 TalkTalk TV: 627 Virgin Media: 919
Format Talk radio

Does LBC Radio have an app?

With the LBC app you can also enjoy all of Global’s other stations: Capital, Capital XTRA, Heart, Gold, Radio X, Classic FM and Smooth. So, whatever you’re into – a topical debate, the latest hits, classic tracks or music for chilling out – Global’s got you covered.

Is there an app for talk radio?

We’ve released a brand new TalkRadio app! In this release, we’ve given the app a brand new look and feel and made the navigation simpler. You can now listen back to the shows you’ve missed from the last 7 days and we’ve added a TV button so you can watch your favourite TalkRadio presenters too.

Is it worth buying a DAB radio?

On balance, though, it’s clear that DAB radio is better than FM. It’s got more stations, a more reliable signal, and is generally a more modern way of tuning in. If you’re yet to make the switch to digital radio, then there’s no time like the present! Check out our full range of DAB radios here.

What’s the difference between DAB and FM?

DAB uses higher frequencies than FM and therefore there may be a need to compensate with more transmitters to achieve the same coverage as a single FM transmitter. DAB is commonly transmitted by a different company from the broadcaster who then sells the capacity to a number of radio stations.

What is the difference between DAB and DAB+?

What is the difference between DAB and DAB+? DAB+ is an upgraded version of DAB digital radio that gives you access to even more stations. To receive DAB+ stations you must have a DAB+ enabled radio. If you recently bought a new DAB radio, then the chances are you already have DAB+.

Who is the CEO of LBC?

LBC Express

Type Public
Headquarters Pasay, Philippines
Area served Worldwide
Key people Miguel Angel A. Camahort (Chairman, President and CEO) Enrique V. Rey, Jr. (IRO, CFO & CRO)
Services Post delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, third-party logistics, wire transfers, cargo airline, remittance services

What frequency is LBC news?

No taxi companies are licensed to use frequencies that should interfere with LBC so OFCOM should be notified. LBC is broadcast on 97.3 FM for the London area only.

What radio stations do Global own?

Europe’s largest radio company, Global is home to the UK’s best-loved radio stations including Heart, Capital, LBC, Capital XTRA, Capital Dance, Classic FM, Smooth, Radio X and Gold.

What is the strongest AM radio?

Overall Product Rankings

  1. Panasonic RF-2400D AM Radio. …
  2. Sony ICFP26 Portable AM Radio. …
  3. Retekess V115 Portable Shortwave AM Radio. …
  4. Sangean PR-D18BK Portable Protective Bumper Digital AM Radio. …
  5. Kaito KA500 Solar Powered 5-Way AM Radio. …
  6. Sangean LB-100 Ultra Rugged Compact AM Radio.

What is the most popular radio show?


  • 1 BBC Global News72%41%
  • 2 The Steve Harvey Morning Show64%31%
  • 3 PBS NewsHour (audio)62%31%
  • 4 The Joe Rogan Experience70%31%
  • 5 The Rush Limbaugh show83%30%
  • 6 TEDTalks (audio)52%30%
  • 7 The Sean Hannity Show73%29%
  • 8 The Ben Shapiro Show60%28%

Can you watch talk radio live?

How can I watch talkRADIO TV through my PC or laptop? talkRADIO TV has its own website with full access to live streaming and on-demand talkRADIO TV programming. The best part is that it’s all completely free to access!

Who has the most listeners on LBC radio?

O’Brien on top

Zoe Ball’s breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 has retained its place as the most listened to morning programme in the country, figures show.

Does James O’Brien still work for LBC?

Since 2004, he has been a presenter for talk station LBC, on weekdays between 10 am and 1 pm, hosting a phone-in discussion of current affairs, views and real-life experiences.

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