How many hunters are in IDV?

There are 21 playable Hunters in the game.

In the same way, How do I block Identity V? Click “block this user” to apply the block.

There are several steps to applying a block:

  1. Specify the IP address or user to be blocked. …
  2. Specify a duration for the block. …
  3. Specify a reason for the block (optional).

How do I get hunters in IDV? One hunter is obtained after completing the tutorial, while the rest can be purchased for 858 Echoes or 4,508 Clues. Smiley Face, The Ripper, Gamekeeper can be purchased for a lower price, much like Explorer and Magician, who are cheaper than the other Survivors.

Similarly, How do you pull characters in IDV? To unlock new Identity V characters, players must get ‘Clues’, which can be obtained through playing and completing quests. Each day, there are one or two ‘free’ characters available for trial use. Also, every season, two to three new characters are added to the roster.

Besides How many IDV survivors are there? Currently, there are 37 playable Survivors added to Identity V. There are five default survivors you get for free after completing the tutorial, while all others can be purchased from the Illusion Hall.

What is the fastest way to get puzzle pieces in IDV?

What do pets do in IDV?

Pets are purchasable objects that will follow players around in-game. They can be seen by teammates and cannot be seen by the opposing faction.

How do I get mini gamekeeper IDV?

Mini Gamekeeper is an A-Tier Pet for Survivors based off of the Hunter Gamekeeper, Bane and can currently be obtained from the Illusion Hall.

How tall is Andrew IDV?

He’s the only rescuer that was released in 2020. According to the Official Identity V Museum, he is 186 cms tall (6’1″).

How old is Tracy Reznik?

Tracy Reznik
Birthday September 13
Age 21
Career Mechanic
Item Mechanical Doll

Who is the youngest IDV Survivor?

At 18 years old, Will Wahl is the youngest person ever to compete on Survivor, but he most definitely did not want to be seen as a “kid” in the eyes of his competitors.

How old is priestess V?

Fiona Gilman
Gender Female
Birthday February 1
Age 30
Career Priestess

Can you buy clues IDV?

Clues are a type of currency all players can obtain by playing Identity V, and is not paid to obtain. It is one of the most basic currency types.

How do I get IDV fragments?

Obtaining. They can be obtained by getting an item you already own in essences and Memory Spheres, or from events. It can also be purchased from the Illusion Hall, the Guild Store and occasionally the Event Store.

How do you get Parasiticraft?

Parasiticraft is a limited B-Tier Pet for Survivors that could be obtained during the Call of the Abyss IV event after the completion of 60 team Abyss Matches.

Can hunters have pets IDV?

Hunter pets are specialized, and can only be worn by the hunter they are paired with.

Is Andrew from IDV albino?

Background. For Andrew, life even from an early age was living hell. Born with albinism and having a fear of the sun, the young child was constantly plagued with the violent rumors of being cursed, even going as far to being called “The White Haired Monster”.

How old is Edgar IDV?

His birthday is April 23rd. He is 21 years old.

How old is Luca balsa?

– I like to Believe Luca is around his late 20’s like maybe 27? I believe he with to jail at a young age.


Age: 21+
Dislikes: Loudness, Bright lights, pain
Note: This is my own interpretation of this character and their story.
Edit: 1

How old is Martha identity?

Martha Behamfil
Birthday April 3
Age 20
Career Coordinator
Item Flare Gun

How old is Emma Woods IDV?

Emma Woods
Birthday December 21
Age 22
Career Gardener
Item Toolkit

How old is wilding IDV?

He is currently the oldest survivor to be released, having been stated to be 45 in the Japanese edition of the Reference Book.

How old is gardener IDV?

Emma Woods
Gender Female
Birthday December 21
Age 22
Career Gardener

How old is coordinator IDV?

Martha Behamfil
Birthday April 3
Age 20
Career Coordinator
Item Flare Gun

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