Is it good to have diamond hands?

“Diamond hands” is an expression that signifies a high risk tolerance. It’s often used by investors on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media sites. If you have diamond hands, it means you’re the type of investor who won’t panic and sell off your holdings during big price fluctuations.

Similarly, Who created diamond hands? The slang diamond hands is thought to have originated on the forum website Reddit in the /r/WallStreetBets subreddit, where the term has been used since at least 2018. The term gained popularity in 2019, when multiple users began to frequently use the term in reference to persistently holding stocks.

Then, What is paperhand?

So now, on the other hand, and this is where we go to term number eight, which is the term “paper hands.” So what are paper hands? It’s the opposite of diamond hands, meaning if someone has paper hands, they’re nervous, and they sell their position instead of holding it.

And What does paper hands Portnoy mean? Portnoy: “Anyone who says ‘paper hands,’ I’d like to wrap them in toilet paper and glue lettuce to them and set them afloat in the ocean” “Paper hands” is a common term on Wall Street Bets for retail traders who don’t hold onto their investment.

What is the opposite of diamond hands? The opposite of diamond hands, paper hands are when a user sells their shares at the first sign of a downward trend. Used in a derogatory manner toward those who are not fully committed to a position.

What is Paperhands GG?

An anonymous developer known on Twitter as iblamenfts has unveiled a new tool that shows collectors their unrealized profits had they held on to their NFTs instead of trading them. Called, the calculator connects to a user’s MetaMask wallet to collate data highlighting their potential losses.

What are paper hands in NFT?

Paper hands is a derogatory term for someone who quickly sells an NFT, or sells in a panic when market prices drop. The opposite of diamond hands. Consequently, to paper hand an NFT means to sell it for a small profit, a wash, or a loss.

What does Diamond hands mean in NFT?

DEFINITION. Diamond hands is a term for someone who plans to hold onto an NFT long-term, with no concern about market conditions in the short term. The opposite of paper hands.

What are diamond hands Wallstreetbets?

Popularised by r/wallstreetbets, diamond hands (or more commonly depicted in emoji-form as ) refers to someone who has high risk tolerance to stomach through the high volatility of the stock/ asset that they own; they don’t cave under pressure.

What are Tendies WallStreetBets?

TENDIES means “Financial gain on the stock market.” Tendies is a term the traders Reddit’s Wall Street Bets (WSB) use to describe money or financial gain. Tendies is short for chicken tenders. The phrase that comes from old 4CHAN greentext stories (see below for an example) about grown men living with their mom.

What does DD mean WallStreetBets?

What actually is Due Diligence then ? This might go over some of your heads but Due Diligence basically means researching a stock before you FOMO YOLO buy it because it has a cool name.

What does Yolo mean on WallStreetBets?

WSB refers to Wall Street Bets (r/wallstreetbets), the sub-Reddit that is driving the retail trading frenzy around GameStop, Blackberry, Nokia and other stocks. What is this? Report Ad. YOLO is an acronym meaning “You Only Live Once.” Used to acknowledge engaging in reckless behavior or throwing caution to the wind.

What does Reddit DD mean?

DD refers to a person doing his or her “Due Diligence,” or homework on a subject. When a Redditor posts a DD, that means he or she has done research on a stock or market trend.

What does Tendies mean?

Tendies refer in general to any financial gain on the stock market and is used when traders make money from a stock. Many investors following meme stocks during the short-squeeze made a lot of cash if they timed it right, unfortunately, some people also lost a lot of their savings.

What does DD mean slang?

dear or darling daughter: often used facetiously in social media. Also: dd.

What is Tendies?

Tendies refer in general to any financial gain on the stock market and is used when traders make money from a stock. Many investors following meme stocks during the short-squeeze made a lot of cash if they timed it right, unfortunately, some people also lost a lot of their savings.

What does heavily shorted stock mean?

When a stock is heavily shorted, and investors are buying shares — which pushes the price up — short sellers start buying to cover their position and minimize losses as the price keeps rising. This can create a “short squeeze”: Short sellers keep having to buy the stock, pushing the price up even higher and higher.

What dies GME stand for?

GME. General Medical Examination (health assessment)

What does FD stand for Wall Street Bets?

FD’s is Wall Street Bets slang for out of the money options expiring within a week. They are very high risk and have a high chance of failure but the small chance of success can have tremendous upside. Basically options give you the opportunity to buy 100 shares of a stock upon the expiration date.

What does DFV mean Reddit?

His analyses of GameStop stock, and details of his resulting investment gains—posted on Reddit under the username DeepFuckingValue (DFV) and on YouTube and Twitter as Roaring Kitty—were cited as a driving factor in the GameStop short squeeze of January 2021, and as a spark for the subsequent trading frenzy in retail …

What does ape mean on Reddit?

But according to commentary on Reddit, it’s one of the least popular for some traders. There appear to be a lot of angry individual investors — the so-called apes of Reddit — who want nothing to do with the company or the stock. Some are even threatening to short the stock, betting it will go down.

What does BB stand for?

It’s occasionally used as an acronym for basketball and bye-bye. More commonly, however, bb is short for baby as an affectionate term used of lovers, partners, friends, and even pets.

What does BB mean in text?

Shorthand for bye bye, bb is a way of saying good bye in chat and other text-based communications.

What does LG mean on Instagram?

Summary of Key Points. “Little Girl” is the most common definition for LG on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. LG. Definition: Little Girl.

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