What does LBC mean on the radio?

For 34 years LBC has stood for “London Broadcasting Company“. Now London cabbies’ favourite talk radio station is changing its name to “London’s Biggest Conversation”.

Similarly, Who is the most listened to presenter on LBC? Having started at LBC in 1979, Steve is the longest-serving commercial radio presenter and his show is the number one in London for pre-breakfast shows. He has hosted almost every show in the schedule over his 37 years on LBC – and even started off by reading the news…

Then, Is LBC on FM or AM?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. LBC News is a rolling news radio station based in the United Kingdom. It broadcasts in Greater London on AM and UK wide on DAB and online.

And Is LBC only on digital radio? Listen to LBC on FM

You can listen to FM on many things – from many mobile phones to almost any radio set. On some radio sets it’s marked UKW or VHF. FM radio receivers with RDS may give more information, like the song playing now, or the name of the show you’re listening to. Find more stations broadcasting on FM.

Is LBC part of BBC? LBC (originally the London Broadcasting Company) is a British phone-in and talk radio station owned and operated by Global and based in its headquarters in London.


City London
Broadcast area United Kingdom

How many people listen LBC?

Conversation. More people are listening to LBC than at any other time in our 48-year history. A record-breaking 3.1 million of you are choosing us every week.

Who has the most listeners on LBC radio?

O’Brien on top

Zoe Ball’s breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 has retained its place as the most listened to morning programme in the country, figures show.

Does James O’Brien still work for LBC?

Since 2004, he has been a presenter for talk station LBC, on weekdays between 10 am and 1 pm, hosting a phone-in discussion of current affairs, views and real-life experiences.

Where is Steve Allen today?

Currently, Allen presents the early breakfast show on LBC between 4am and 7am from Monday to Friday. In addition to these shows, Allen pre-records another programme for LBC- Steve Allen In Conversation- this show has not been broadcast since the spring of 2020.

Can you listen to LBC on catch up?

LBC Catch Up is no longer taking new subscriptions and the service will close down at the end of 2018. This is because a you can now hear all of LBC’s shows for free on the all-new LBC app. Download it from your device’s app store now.

Did Steve Allen Apologise?

Steve Allen apologises to Strictly’s Tilly Ramsay after calling her ‘chubby’ A radio presenter who called Tilly Ramsay a “chubby little thing” live on air has apologised to the Strictly Come Dancing star. Newsbeat’s been told Steve Allen got in touch with her last week to say sorry.

Is Steve Allen LBC?

RADIO presenter Steve Allen is the host of LBC’s early morning breakfast show. On October 20, 2021, he was slammed for mocking Tilly Ramsay’s weight live on-air and calling her “chubby”.

How can I get LBC radio on my phone?

With the new LBC app, powered by Global Player, it’s even easier to get involved in Leading Britain’s Conversation. Listen to LBC in HD quality, live and on the move. Catch up and listen again to all your favourite shows whenever you like.

Is LBC podcast free?

There are thousands of podcasts available to download – and they are all free. See some of the best podcasts in LBC’s Guide To Podcasts.

How do I download LBC catch up?

How to catch up with LBC programmes on Global Player. Simply Global Player, then tap the Catch up button at the bottom of your screen. Choose LBC and then pick any show from the past week… it’s as easy as that. Catch-up on Global Player – download it now from your app store.

What did Tilly Ramsay say to Steve Allen?

O fcom won’t investigate LBC radio host Steve Allen after he called Strictly Come Dancing contestant Tilly Ramsay “chubby”. The media regulator was hit by nearly 860 complaints after he called the 20-year-old a “chubby little thing” in a live show.

What was said Tilly Ramsay?

The daughter of celebrity chef Gordon said she would not “tolerate” such comments from a “67-year-old man”. Radio host Steve Allen has apologised to Strictly Come Dancing star Tilly Ramsay after calling her a “chubby little thing” live on air and blaming her “dad’s cooking”.

What did radio presenter say about Tilly Ramsay?

The LBC presenter had read out a comment from a listener telling him Tilly was taking part in Celebrity MasterChef Australia as well as Strictly. He responded: “Is she? Well, she can’t blimming well dance, I’m bored with her already.

What is Steve Allen’s real name?

Steve Allen, byname of Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen, (born December 26, 1921, New York, New York, U.S.—died October 30, 2000, Encino, California), pioneer American television entertainer, versatile author, songwriter, and comedian who performed in radio, motion pictures, and theatre as well as television.

Who called Tilly chubby?

The radio host Steve Allen called Tilly Ramsay “chubby” in an October segment. The UK media regulator Ofcom said it will not investigate Allen after 860 complaints were lodged. Ramsay is a TikTok star with over 9.7 million followers.

How old is Steve Allen from LBC?

Who is Steve Allen? Allen is the 67-year-old host of LBC’s early morning breakfast show from 4am to 7am, Monday to Friday.

How do I listen to LBC radio on my iPhone?

Just say “Hey Siri, Play LBC”. You can also ask Siri on your iPhone or iPad to play LBC via the Global Player App or Apple Music.

Is the Classic FM app free?

So, whatever you’re into – the latest hits, classic tracks, music for chilling out or even topical debate – Global’s got you covered. And best of all, it’s completely free and available worldwide.

How much data does LBC app use?

Yes, you’ll use around 0.94 MB per minute on the Simple Radio app, adding up to around 60MB per hour.

How do I contact LBC customer service?

If you are experiencing issues or delays in package delivery and wish to speak to Customer Service, please call our LBC hotlines: (02) 8 858-5999 for Metro Manila 1800-10-8585999 for provincial callers The directory for our international offices is here:

Can I listen to LBC on my iPad?

Just say “Hey Siri, Play LBC”. You can also ask Siri on your iPhone or iPad to play LBC via the Global Player App or Apple Music.

Why is global player not working?

Please check you have the latest version of your browser and that you are logged into your Global Player account. If this doesn’t work, please contact Customer Support with the following details: The error message you are experiencing. The browser you are using and the version.

Is global player app free?

Global Player is completely free to download and use. It’s available on your smart speaker (e.g. “play Capital”), iOS or Android device and at Just sign in and enjoy!

What is global player?

Registering with Global Player opens up a world of audio at your fingertips, allowing you to enjoy all of Global’s radio brands, award-winning podcasts, expertly-curated playlists, wherever you go. All for free. Just sign in and enjoy!

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