How long does it take for AXS to refund?

If your event is cancelled, we’ll automatically refund the credit card used for purchase* (usually within 30 business days of the cancellation announcement).

Similarly, How do I get a refund on a non refundable concert ticket? “If it’s been canceled, chances are you’re going to get your refund automatically. If that hasn’t happened, contact the person you bought the ticket from, whether that’s Ticketmaster or another source, and ask for the refund. They should give it to you, no questions asked,” Breyault said.

Then, Why are my tickets not showing on AXS?

Please make sure you’re signed in to the same AXS account you used to buy the tickets. Still don’t see your event? There could be a delivery delay. For some events, extra time is required to process and confirm all orders, but you’ll still receive your tickets at least one week before your event.

And How long does it take for AXS tickets to transfer? AXS tickets are delivered to AXS accounts within 24-48 hours of the event. After following the instructions provided, your ticket will be displayed as a digital barcode in the AXS app. The event staff will scan this digital barcode to let you and your party into the event.

Is AXS part of American Express? Welcome to American Express Ticket Offers, powered by AXS. American Express® Card Members can enjoy exclusive access to ticket presales and reserved seating offers across events in music, theater, and sports.

What happens if a non refundable flight is Cancelled?

1.In case you cancel the flight reservations within the 24 hours of the new booking then airlines will process your full refund without any deduction. And if that flight ticket is non-refundable even then the flight refund will be credited.

How do I contact Ticketmaster for a refund?

Mar 10, 2021 Article

  1. Find your order (the one you need to contact us about), either in the Upcoming or Past Event tabs, then click “See Details”
  2. Click “Contact Us” at the bottom right of the Event Details page and click Email Us.

How do you get rid of concert tickets?

StubHub. Stubhub is the most popular place to resell concert tickets. You can list your tickets on the website for free. However, StubHub charges a commission fee slightly higher than other resale options when you do sell a ticket.

How do I check my tickets on AXS?

When you arrive at the venue, open your AXS app and click the ticket icon at the bottom of the screen. Select your event and your tickets will display.

How do I get AXS tickets?

Find your event on or AXS App and simply click “Get Tickets”. The site or app will walk you through the steps to complete your purchase. Then we we’ll see you at the event!

Is AXS Mobile ID a ticket?

AXS Mobile ID digital tickets are tickets you use with your phone – like e-tickets or mobile tickets from an airline or movie theater — they make getting in easier than ever. Simply show your tickets on your phone using the AXS app to enter the venue.

How do I check my AXS tickets?

Once you sign in on, you can see your upcoming events under “Your Events” in your AXS account. If you’re using the AXS app, your events and tickets will be under “My Events”, which you can reach by tapping the ticket icon on the bottom of the screen.

What does transfer tickets mean on AXS?

When available, use the Transfer or Share feature will allow you to send event tickets to a friend. Transfer AXS Mobile ID. Transfer is used for AXS Mobile ID digital tickets. If the recipient has an AXS account, they’ll receive the tickets right away.

Does AXS have payment plans?

Only Singapore-issued debit cards can be used to make payment on AXS e-Station. Credit Card Instalment Plan is a payment mode that allows you to spilt large bill payment amounts to monthly instalments at a small processing fee.

Can I use credit card to pay at AXS machine?

Can I pay with credit cards on AXS e-Station? Yes, you can now use Mastercard, DBS/POSB Visa/Mastercard, Citibank Visa/Mastercard, OCBC Visa/Mastercard, UOB Visa/Mastercard credit cards and Diners Club credit cards to pay all bills, top-ups and others except credit card and loan bills.

Does AXS do PayPal?

The AXS platform will support the use of PayPal across various AXS customer transactions. Fans will be able to enter their PayPal account information at checkout to purchase tickets.

Can we reschedule nonrefundable flight?

Non-refundable tickets: You can reschedule the ticket and you have one year from the ticket’s original issue date to reschedule. The traveler will not lose the value of the ticket.

Do airlines offer refunds?

Are Plane Tickets Refundable? The short answer is yes, though each airline can implement a different policy for refunding airfare. Most airlines offer a choice between refundable and non-refundable airline tickets—something a lot of us tend to skip over or overlook altogether.

Can you refund a plane ticket South Africa?

In short, yes. Airlines do allow you to cancel a flight ticket but you should be careful. This almost always carries a penalty. By booking a flight with Travelstart instead, you have the option to choose from one of our three refund products (more on these further down).

How do I speak to a representative at Ticketmaster?

To speak to a Customer Service agent over the phone, you can call 800-653-80000” / Twitter.

How long does it take to get a refund from Ticketmaster for Cancelled show?

Given the exceptional number of events canceled or postponed as part of government measures against COVID-19 virus, the processing times for your refund request will be longer than usual – up to 6 weeks.

Does Ticketmaster have a chat?

Find tickets for ‘live chat’ at

How can I sell my ticket without fees?

At ThunderTix, you can sell tickets online – No fees are charged to your customer. We offer a monthly online ticketing service license based on the number of tickets sold per month. ThunderTix is the only online ticket selling platform providing the total control of ticket fees.

How do I become a verified fan?

How do I register for a Verified Fan event?

  1. Click on the link in the announcement to go to the custom registration page.
  2. Sign in using your Ticketmaster account, or if you don’t have one, you can create one when you register.
  3. Tell us what shows you’re interested in and submit your registration.

Where is the best place to sell tickets?

There’s a variety of options out there if you are looking to sell your tickets on a ticket marketplace, but your best bets are (roughly in order of size) StubHub, Vivid Seats, TicketsNow, TicketExchange by Ticketmaster, and TickPick.

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