Is MyTV still in Nigeria?

MYTV will cease broadcasting on September 1, 2021, TStv said in a statement.

Likewise, What is happening to MyTV?

With the arrangement, MyTV will cease broadcasting on September 1. The indigenous direct-to-home TV service provider, TStv, has reached an agreement with Strong Technology Ltd. to migrate its MyTV customers on SRT 497S-HEVC decoders to TStv Africa pay TV platform.

As well, Is Tstv a good decoder? The TSTV is regarded as one of the classiest ever decoders in Nigeria. The decoder basically operates behind Hybrid Broadcast Broadband (HBB) technology. The technology combines Telecommunications and Satellite to produce all the contents and services to their customers.

How much is my TV decoder in Nigeria? TSTV Decoder: N5,500 – N8, 000.

Moreover Is Tstv working now? Tstv is temporarily still available as free to air. However, not all free-to-air decoders can open their channels.

How do I scan channels on MyTv?

You need to scan for channels every time there’s a change in local broadcast frequencies. That means you have to rescan every time you move, every time you buy a new TV or antenna, and every time a local TV station changes to a different broadcast frequency.

How do I get free to air channels in Nigeria?

Free to Air Channels in Nigeria

  1. Galaxy TV.
  2. Channels TV.
  3. AIT.
  4. Silverbird TV.
  5. NTA.
  6. LTV.
  7. TVC.
  8. MBI.

How much is MyTv in Nigeria?

Mytv monthly subscription is now available for just five hundred Naira (N500) only with more payment channels included making the subscription convenient and faster.

Is TStv operational in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s new satellite television, TSTV, has said the distruption in the distribution of its services in 2020 was as a result of the #EndSARS protest. TSTV, the first satellite TV to introduce pay per view in the country, launched its operation on October 1, 2020.

Does TStv use dish?

Although watching entertaining channels on the TStv decoder will require you buy the TStv dish (which is one of the main disadvantages), it has one unique feature (more or less) which makes it stand out from other more affordable operators. The decoders come equipped with PVR function, which means you can record shows.

Is TStv working in Lagos?

MCC Global Technologies Limited is one of the accredited centres where you can buy TStv satellite dish in Lagos. Orbitsystems, is an official dealer of TStv decoder in Lagos which promises interesting TV packages and programs, and offers also satellite dish installation services.

How do I recharge MYTV?


  1. For ONLINE activation click here.
  2. For SMS activation, follow the instructions:
  3. Create a text message on your GSM phone.
  4. Enter SC then your 12-digit Smart Card number, then leave a single space.
  5. Enter RC then the 15-digit PIN number revealed on the webpage/email.
  6. Example: SC017021234567 RC123456789012345.

Is DStv a satellite or cable?

DStv (abbreviation for Digital Satellite Television) is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice. The service launched in 1995 provides multiple channels and services to their subscribers.

Is TSTv showing Premier League?

For a long time, there has been the talk of DSTV owning the rights alone to shown Premier League matches but TSTV is finally here and all EPL matches will be transmitted live via bein Sports, You can also watch Champions League, La Liga Matches, Serie A, the Bundesliga and other leagues.

Who is bright echefu?

Dr Echefu Ikechukwu Bright hails from Obowo in Imo State. He studied at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN where he bagged a degree in medicine before proceeding abroad for further studies. He is also the Managing Director of Bricke and Athens Limited. He also owns AHTV- Health Television.

Is TSTv Pay as you watch?

With the TSTV Pay As You View plan you don’t need to worry about your subscription getting expired without viewing your channels for once, you are simply charged as you watch and with as low as 3 Naira you can subscribe to watch that your favorite channel(s) for one full day (24 hours).

How do I get Freeview on my TV without aerial?

The best way to watch Freeview without an aerial is by using the Freeview Play app, which can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets, laptops and android TV boxes. It’s also available on some smart TVs such as LG.

How do I scan free to air decoder?

How do I get free to air channels on my smart TV?

  1. 1 Click the Home button on your Samsung remote.
  2. 2 Make sure the Antenna Cable is securely plugged into the TV or One Connect Box. …
  3. 3 Choose Broadcasting then Auto Tuning. …
  4. 4 A pop up box will appear that gives you the option to Start the scan.
  5. 5 Select Scan to begin the process.

Which satellite has most free channels?

Eutelsat is the satellite company broadcasting the highest number of subscription-free channels, hosting over 400 subscription-free channels across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and over 300 for Sub-Saharan Africa.

How can I track my NigComSat?

Easy Steps to Track NigComSat 1R at 42.5°E: Free-To-Air Satellite channels. For easier installation, use a satefinder. However, if you are a professional satellite installer, you can use either a satfinder or an FTA decoder to track. Also, ensure you nail the highest signal on the DSTV’s (12245 H 27500) frequency.

How can I recharge my free TV in Nigeria?

Steps to recharge FREE TV with First Bank USSD.

Dial *894*89413142*1500# on your First Bank alert phone number. Enter your Unique Box ID Number and press Reply. Then you will a message: transaction successful. NGN1520 will be deducted from your account.

How much is go TV decoder?

The GoTV package comes with a decoder, an antenna popularly called Gotenna and a one-month free subscription. GoTV decoders cost between N8,000 and N10,000 depending on the place and period of purchase.

How do I subscribe to MyTv?

How To Pay For New MyTv Africa 2500 Naira Subscription Using Your ATM Card

  1. Visit
  2. Type MyTv in a search box provided.
  3. A MyTv Africa logo with ‘MyTv Smart Payment’ will be presented to you.
  4. Click on MyTv Africa’s Logo.
  5. Input an active email address in the box provided.

How do I get MyTv decoder?

To apply, all you’ll need to do is to fill up a form here by providing your personal details including your IC number. Alternatively, you may call MYTV at 1800-18-1088 or 1300-80-6988. For those that have registered but have yet to receive their free decoder may check their status on the same site.

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