How do I send my JST to a college?

For the Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard, go to the Joint Services Transcript (JST) website. Fill out an Official Transcript Request to share your transcript with schools online. For the Air Force, go to the Community College of the Air Force website. Submit a request to have your transcript mailed to schools.

Similarly, How do I contact JST? Requests can also be sent directly to the JST Tech/Operations Center:

Then, How far ahead is jst from Est?

View the JST to EST conversion below. Japan Standard Time is 14 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

And How many credits is my military training worth? Military experience could be worth up to 20 college credits. Most colleges grant four semester hours in physical fitness for recruit training. In fact, most colleges give credit for other service schools attended as long as those courses are longer than two weeks and are not of a classified nature.

How many promotion points is college credits worth? For those trying to increase their number of promotion points, one completed college class typically equates to six promotion points.

How long does it take for JST to update?

Allow up to 15 days for changes to appear on the JST. *Please allow up to 15 days for changes to appear on the JST. Will my college courses appear on the JST? Only courses that were paid by Tuition Assistance will appear on the JST.

How is JST connector measured?

JST connectors are mostly identified by the length between one contanct to the centre of another contact. There are always between two to higher contacts in a single line. Some families have multiple rows as well. This length is the pitch of the connector type and determines the family that the connector is a part off.

How do I get my Transcripts from CCAF?

Students can order an official CCAF transcript by logging on to Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC) from a . mil computer. Under “Self Service”, select “CCAF Student Services”. Proceed to CCAF Online Student Services and select “Order a Transcript” from the Transcripts dropdown.

What is jst now?

It is 17:38:26 right now.

What time is 5p in military time?

Military Time / 24 Hour Time Conversion Chart

Regular Time Military Time
3:00 p.m. 1500 or 1500 hours
4:00 p.m. 1600 or 1600 hours
5:00 p.m. 1700 or 1700 hours
6:00 p.m. 1800 or 1800 hours

How many hour ahead is Japan?

Time Zone in Tokyo, Japan

Current: JST — Japan Standard Time
Current Offset: UTC/GMT +9 hours
Difference: 13 hours ahead of New York

Do colleges accept JST credits?

The JST is accepted by more than 2,300 colleges and universities.

Can you earn college credits in the army?

Both active-duty members of the military and veterans can use their time in the military to earn college credits that can be applied to a degree.

Does Army basic training count as college credits?

Military experience alone could be worth up to 20 college credits! Most colleges grant 4 semester hours in physical fitness for recruit training. In addition, colleges usually give credit for other service schools attended, as long as those courses are longer than two weeks and are not of a classified nature.

Is it possible to get 798 promotion points?

– Anyone who has been in the military longer than a few years can attest that making cutoff scores for promotion can be a difficult task. Making the cut can seem almost impossible, especially in a Military Occupational Specialty where the points constantly hover at the maximum, 798.

Is ALC worth promotion points?

Advance Leaders Course: ALC is a requirement for promotion to SSG, so no points are given for completing it. Promotion points are received for academic excellence in ALC.

How many promotion points is a 40 hour course?

Soldiers know ATRRS stands for Army Training Requirements and Resources System and there is an opportunity to earn as much as four promotion points a week over 40 training hours for classes that are listed in the system.

How do I send my transcripts to JST?

JST (Joint Services Transcript) was formerly called the SMART.

  2. Commanding Officer.
  3. FAX: 850-473-6013 DSN: 753-6013.
  5. EMAIL:
  6. JST Operations Center, N615.
  8. 6490 Saufley Field Road.

What is the difference between primary MOS and duty MOS?

A soldier works in a duty MOS, which in most cases is the same as the primary MOS. If the duty MOS is different from the primary MOS, soldiers are evaluated by the supervisor in their duty MOS. duty MOSs are in the same or a related career field. If so, there may be some duplication in the credit recommendations.

What is a JST XH plug?

The JST XH series’ disconnectable, 2.5 mm (0.984”) pitch, crimp-style connector was developed based on the high reliability and versatility of their NH series connectors. The connector is very small with a mounting height of 9.8 mm. These wire-to-board connectors are typically used to bring power to a PC board.

What does 2.54 mm pitch mean?

Here are a couple of the most common pitches in metric and standard units: 0.1 inches = 2.54mm (standard for breadboards)

What are the different types of JST connectors?


  • ZH (1.5mm pitch)
  • PH (2.0mm pitch)
  • XH (2.5mm pitch)
  • PA/XA (2.0mm / 2.5mm pitch)
  • EH (2.5mm pitch)
  • SM (2.5mm pitch)
  • RCY (2.5mm pitch)
  • SH/SR (1.0mm pitch)

Can I still get my CCAF after I separate?

If you are combat-wounded or injured airmen, and started, but did not finish your degree, you can complete your degree after separation or retirement.

Is CCAF a real degree?

A student who has earned a CCAF degree proves to their employer that they are willing to work hard and to set long term goals. “Earning a CCAF degree represents professional education and development.

Are CCAF credits transferable?

Transfer Credit Awarded

Students will receive transfer credit of the full 60 hours required for the CCAF AAS degree.

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