Is staking THETA worth it?

Is staking theta worth it? While it may be an obscure one, the theta cryptocurrency still holds some potential, especially given its use case. As far as staking theta goes, it is possible to earn between one and two TFuel tokens a day, however. This is based on the experiences recounted by theta community members.

Likewise, Is THETA and Tfuel the same?

THETA is used strictly for staking and securing the network, while TFUEL is used to power microtransactions and operations of the network.

As well, How much Tfuel do you earn from staking? Earn up to 9.5% APR* 3% fee on staking rewards (For every 10 Tfuel earnt, Thetaboard fee equals 0.3 Tfuel).

How many Theta do you need to stake? Note. To stake in the Theta network, you need to hold THETA tokens but will be rewarded in TFUEL. Users need 1,000 THETA tokens to qualify as a Guardian Node in the network.

Moreover How much Tfuel do you need to stake? At this time there is a minimum of 10,000 TFuel and maximum of 500,000 TFuel that can be staked to each Edge Node, in order to encourage decentralization and an increased number of Edge Nodes.

What is better THETA or Tfuel?

Although both have been great investments historically speaking, Theta Token has performed best in the past. In other words, Theta Token has been a better investment than Theta Fuel. Even though this does not guarantee that it will continue to be the better investment option, it indicates it.

What can Tfuel be used for?

TFUEL serves as a means of payment for transactions, such as setting up caching nodes or interacting and creating smart contracts. However, it can also be earned, for example, by staking THETA or by providing caching power to other users or interacting with the platform.

Is Tfuel an ERC20?

Theta runs on its’ own native blockchain and is NOT an ETH / ERC20 project. Theta Wallet only stores native (THETA and TFUEL) and TNT20 tokens supported on Theta blockchain.

What can you do with Tfuel?

What can I do with TFuel? You can donate your TFuel to streamers on THETAtv, spend it in the shop, or use it to purchase a subscription to your favorite streamers!

How much does staking THETA earn?

As an example, if you stake 100,000 THETA and the total network has 300m THETA stake, you are staking 0.033% of the THETA total staked to the network. That would translate into your node earning about 0.264 TFUEL per 100 block period, or 6,944 TFUEL monthly.

Can I stake Theta on my phone?

3 is available to stake from iOS/Android Theta Wallet. Download the Theta Wallet app in the App Store / Play Store, or if already installed make sure you have upgraded to version 2.0. 0 (iOS) / 2.0. 0 (Android).

What is the best coin to stake?

Some of the best coins to stake are CARDANO(ADA), TEZOS, AlGORAND (ALGO), POLKADOT (DOT), and MINA. You can start staking cryptos by opening up a node on your own or depositing your stake in a third-party platform like certain wallets or exchanges.

What do you get for staking Theta?

What is the incentive for running a Guardian Node and staking my THETA? Guardian Nodes earn a share of all the new Theta Fuel (TFUEL) generated on Theta blockchain, which is 250m annually. The proportion of TFUEL you earn as a GN depends on how much THETA you have staked relative to the total number of THETA.

How do I withdraw money from edge node Tfuel?


  1. Click TFuel.
  2. Enter your email & your password, then Click LOG IN.
  3. Click Dashboard.
  4. Click the Blue Arrow of the Delegation Tile you wish to unstake from. …
  5. Click UNSTAKE — this will reveal your EEN’s Holder address used for unstaking TFUEL with your THETA web wallet.
  6. Click COPY.
  7. Click Stakes.
  8. Click Withdraw Stake.

How do I stake my THETA?

Once your wallet is unlocked, click the “Stakes” tab of the menu and click “Deposit Stake”, then click “Guardian Node”. In the Guardian Node Holder (Summary) field, enter the text string from your Guardian Node app. Enter the Amount of THETA you want to stake to this node and click “Deposit Stake”.

How do you stake the elite edge node?

The “Stake TFUEL” section in the lower-left panel is now available in your Theta Edge Node app. Just enter your wallet address where your TFUEL is held and the amount of TFUEL you want to stake to get started. There is a minimum of 10,000 TFUEL and a maximum of 100,000 TFUEL you can stake.

Can you convert Tfuel to THETA?

Buy THETA (THETA) for Theta Fuel (TFUEL)

SimpleSwap is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that provides you with the possibility to convert TFUEL to THETA in just a few clicks without sign-up.

Do you need Tfuel to send THETA?

All Theta transactions require Theta Fuel (TFUEL) so to send or exchange an amount of Theta you will need to have some Theta Fuel inside of your Exodus wallet.

Is Tfuel an NFT?

You can use TFUEL to buy NFT packs in drops that happen regularly and you can even pre-fund your account with TFUEL so you’re ready to go on day 1.

Who is owner of THETA fuel?

When was Theta fuel invented? Theta Fuel in extension to the entire Theta Ecosystem, was co-founded by Mitch Liu ( has long history in gaming industry) and Jieyi Long (CTO ) in 2017.

Is ERC20 the ETH Mainnet?

There are currently over 160.000 different ERC-20 compatible tokens found on the Ethereum main net, making up the vast majority of tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

How can I get free Tfuel?

Use The Referral Program of Theta.TV

You can earn TFUEL for free by inviting other people to the Theta streaming network, but there is a condition to be able to do this. You need to have 40 referrals before you start earning. The earnings may differ from one month to another and may not always be in TFUEL.

Do you need Tfuel to send Theta?

All Theta transactions require Theta Fuel (TFUEL) so to send or exchange an amount of Theta you will need to have some Theta Fuel inside of your Exodus wallet.

How do I stake my Theta?

First login to your Theta Web Wallet, then go to the Stakes section and click ‘Deposit Stake’. Click the new option ‘Delegated Guardian Node’ which will take you to a list of the GN volunteers who generously provided their nodes to stake to.

Where do you hold Theta?

  • Guarda Wallet. Guarda is a multi-asset wallet: besides Theta, you can store over 500 crypto coins there which allows you to manage your whole portfolio at once. …
  • Theta Wallet. Theta Wallet is the official wallet developed by the Theta team. …
  • Trezor Wallet. …
  • Atomic Wallet.

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