What are the benefits of LWF?

What are the common benefits of the Labour Welfare Fund (across states)?

  • Improved social security. …
  • Improved working conditions. …
  • Scholarships and housing facilities for the workers’ families. …
  • List of states and union territories where the Labour Welfare Fund is applicable. …
  • LWF rules in Maharashtra.

Similarly, What is a UFT member? The UFT, which represents nearly 200,000 members, is the sole bargaining agent for most of the non-supervisory educators who work in the New York City public schools.

Then, Who is eligible for LWF?

Following is the eligibility criteria: i) The employee should have been contributing to the Labour Welfare Fund. ii) Employee’s monthly salary should not exceed INR 25,000 (basic pay + dearness allowance). iii) The claim will be given to the legal heir of the employee.

And Is LWF exempted from income tax? LWF deduction is based on the rates as per applicable under state rules, which is listed below. LWF deduction is managed into two parts, ‘LWF Employee Contribution’ and ‘LWF Employer Contribution’. The employee part is deducted from salary. The deduction will be monthly, on half yearly, or annual based on state act.

What is LWF salary? Viewing Labour Welfare Fund Details. Labor Welfare Fund (LWF) is administered by the Ministry of Labor, government of India, in order to provide social security to unorganized labors. It is a deduction made from the employee’s wages as well as from the employer.

What does UFT stand for?

United Federation of Teachers.

Do you have to join the UFT?

The UFT is a democratic union and no one is forced to join.

Are New York City schools closed?

No Closings at this time.

What is welfare fund?

Definition of welfare fund

: a fund usually established by an employer from which benefits are paid to employees in time of sickness or other specified occasion and commonly set up in response to union pressure and as a contractual obligation.

What is employee welfare fund?

The Employee Welfare Fund (EWF) is a compulsory fund to which an employee contributes. The Employee Welfare Committee of the company handles the EWF that is used to provide benefits or gift coupons to employees. The EWF can be contributed in one of the following ways: Fixed amount for all employees.

In which states is LWF applicable?

Currently, this Act is enacted and applicable in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Telangana & West Bengal.

What is PT salary?

When you look at your payslip or salary slip, along with the deduction column, you will notice a deduction marked as “PT”. PT or Professional Tax, as it is called, is a tax paid to the state government.

What is this CTC?

Cost to company (CTC) is a term for the total salary package of an employee, used in countries such as India and South Africa. It indicates the total amount of expenses an company (organisation) spends on an employee during one year.

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What does Vlk stand for?


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How much are NYC teacher union dues?

1/15/21–5/15/21 9 checks 5/20/21–8/31/21 7 checks
Teachers and Attendance Teachers $62.34 $63.61
School Counselors 63.52 64.82
Psychologists and Social Workers 64.45 65.77
Education Administrators/Alcohol & Substance Abuse $63.79 65.10

Can substitute teachers join UFT?

Can I join the UFT if I am a day-to-day substitute teacher, a substitute para or part-timer? Yes, you can. Go to the UFT website at and fill out the online union enrollment form.

How do I join UFT union?

Go to the UFT website and fill out the online union enrollment form. You should select the “enroll in the UFT” button to register for a website account (and verify your email address) and then you should follow the “join the union” prompts.

Are New York City public schools open today?

Clerical Day: Public schools are closed for elementary, middle, and District 75 school students. All other public schools are open.

What should I avoid in New York?

Things Not to Do in New York City

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Are restaurants closing in New York?

At least 1,000 have closed since March 2020 due to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the difficulty of tracking restaurant and bar closings, experts say that number could be even higher, and will likely take months or even years to assess.

Why is PT deductible Feb 300?

Your salary most probably comes in a slab where you have to pay Rs 2500/- per financial year as Professional Tax. Total = 2500. Rs 300 is deducted in February because this is the rule set by the Govt. Hope this helps.

What is CTC salary?

Cost to Company or CTC as it is commonly called, is the cost a company incurs when hiring an employee. CTC involves a number of other elements and is cumulative of House Rent Allowance (HRA), Provident Fund (PF), and Medical Insurance among other allowances which are added to the basic salary.

Is professional tax and TDS same?

TDS amount is like advanced Tax. Professional tax is collected by state government. Most of the state collect this. You may work in any organisation , but practicing your profession you are paying tax to the state government.

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