What is the wavelength for LBC radio?

LBC is available on 97.3FM in London and will take the national DAB slot previously occupied by Jazz FM.

Similarly, What number is smooth radio on FM? It broadcasts to the Greater London area from Croydon transmitting station on 102.2 MHz .

Smooth London.

City London
Broadcast area Greater London
Frequency 102.2 FM MHz DAB: 12C

Then, What has happened to Steve Allen LBC presenter?

Following his remarks, the LBC host’s co-workers have called for him to be axed for his ‘outdated and archaic comments’ and for ‘bringing the reputation of the station down’. A source told The Sun: ‘Steve’s outdated and archaic comments have been allowed to continue for far too long and plenty of people want him out. ‘

And What radio channel is capital? The Capital radio frequency for all of these stations broadcasts Capital radio live on 95 – 106fm.

How many people listen LBC? Conversation. More people are listening to LBC than at any other time in our 48-year history. A record-breaking 3.1 million of you are choosing us every week.

What frequency is LBC?


Broadcast area United Kingdom
Frequency DAB: 11D Digital One DAB+: 6C DigiB (Malta) FM 97.3 MHz London Freesat: 734 Freeview: 732 Sky (UK only): 0124 TalkTalk TV: 627 Virgin Media: 919
Format Talk radio

Where is Smooth FM located?

smoothfm is an Australian commercial radio network owned and operated by NOVA Entertainment.

What are the frequencies of FM radio?

The FM radio band is from 88 to 108 MHz between VHF television Channels 6 and 7. The FM stations are assigned center frequencies at 200 kHz separation starting at 88.1 MHz, for a maximum of 100 stations.

Is Ian A Payne?

Ian Robert Payne (born 25 November 1968 in Ipswich, Suffolk) is an English presenter currently employed by ITV.

Ian Payne (newsreader)

Ian Payne
Nationality British
Occupation Presenter
Years active 1992–present
Employer ITV

How do I get Capital radio?

How To Listen To Capital Online. On the Capital website click the big red ‘Listen’ button at the top of every page right here at to be taken to Global Player to hear the live radio stream.

What station is Classic FM?

You will find us on Channel 731.

Is Capital Xtra on FM radio?

Capital XTRA (formerly Choice FM) is a Global-owned radio station that broadcasts on 96.9 FM and 107.1 FM in Greater London. Nationally, it is heard on DAB Digital Radio, Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media and Global Player.

Where is LBC radio based?

LBC (originally the London Broadcasting Company) is a British phone-in and talk radio station owned and operated by Global and based in its headquarters in London. It was the UK’s first licensed commercial radio station, and began to broadcast on Monday 8 October 1973, a week ahead of Capital Radio.

Who has the most listeners on LBC radio?

O’Brien on top

Zoe Ball’s breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 has retained its place as the most listened to morning programme in the country, figures show.

Does James O’Brien still work for LBC?

Since 2004, he has been a presenter for talk station LBC, on weekdays between 10 am and 1 pm, hosting a phone-in discussion of current affairs, views and real-life experiences.

How can I get LBC radio on my phone?

With the new LBC app, powered by Global Player, it’s even easier to get involved in Leading Britain’s Conversation. Listen to LBC in HD quality, live and on the move. Catch up and listen again to all your favourite shows whenever you like.

Who owns LBC?

Fifteen years ago a then 30-year-old Ashley Tabor-King sparked a British radio revolution striking the first of a series of deals totalling more than £600m that would ultimately create Europe’s biggest commercially funded group, owner of stations from Capital and Heart to LBC and Classic FM.

What happened to Smooth Radio?

Freeview: Smooth Radio is now available as a free-to-air channel with Freeview. You will find us on Channel 718. Sky: Smooth Radio is available as a free-to-air channel with any package on Sky digital satellite television Channel number 0128.

Who hosts Smooth FM?

Mike Perso & Jennifer Hansen – Smooth.

Who owns Smooth FM UK?

Smooth Radio is part of Global Radio, the largest commercial radio group in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. The company owns the three largest brands in commercial radio: Heart, Capital and Classic FM, as well as LBC, Radio X and Gold.

How far can you transmit FM legally?

What is the maximum distance an FM transmitter can broadcast without a license? The quick answer is approximately 200 feet for an FM Transmitter covered under Part 15 (Read FCC Public Notice dated July 24, 1991). The full answer is much more complicated than that: 250 µV/meter @ 3 meters (also measured as 48 dBuV/m).

Why is FM radio better than AM?

Each FM station is allocated 150 kHz of bandwidth, which is 15 times that of an AM station. This means that an FM station can transmit 15 times as much information as an AM station and explains why music sounds so much better on FM.

Which country banned FM?

Norway has become the world’s first country to shutdown the Frequency Modulation (FM) radio broadcasting network and started its’ switching to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) that offers a wider range of broadcasting options and greater sound quality.

Where is Ian Payne today?

He is currently Sports Correspondent at ITV News and hosts a Saturday and Sunday morning current affairs phone-in show on LBC Between 4-7am.

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