Is TRON appropriate for a 9 year old?

TRON offers mediocre sci-fi, but is agreeably kid-friendly, for the most part. It boasted revolutionary CGI special effects in the early 80s, although it probably will not impress modern kids.

Similarly, Should I watch TRON before legacy? You don’t really need to see TRON to enjoy the sequel. The film is structured in a way that it mostly works whether or not you’ve seen the now classic 1982 film.

Then, Why is TRON 1982 Rated PG?

Tron: Legacy is rated PG by the MPAA for sequences of sci-fi action violence and brief mild language. Violence: Main characters are in frequent perilous situations, occasionally engage in reckless and illegal behavior, and are often forced to participate in gladiator-like competitions.

And What age limit is TRON? We feel that the content of this movie should be appropriate for kids aged 9 and over, however it is not a movie which has been targeted towards a younger audience and is therefore unlikely to be interesting enough to entertain kids under the age of 12.

What age is TRON for? Overall comments and recommendations

Children under 10 Not suitable due to violence and disturbing scenes
Children 8 – 12 Parental guidance recommended due to violence and frightening scenes
Children 13 and over OK for this age group

22 déc. 2010

Is Tron 3 coming out?

Tron 3′ Release date

While that’s not necessarily the best news, we waited decades for the second installment. So a few more years holding out for a third should be a breeze. One last note of pure speculation, but July 9, 2022 will mark the 40th anniversary of Tron’s original theatrical release.

Did Tron Legacy flop?

While TRON: Legacy was nowhere near a flop, it clearly wasn’t the major commercial or critical hit that Disney was hoping for. From a reported budget of $170 million, the film grossed around $400 million worldwide, and reviews were decidedly mixed.

What do the colors mean in TRON?

In the original film the idea was going to be, yellow = good and blue = bad. This got changed to blue = good and red = bad. However in tank programs, the original coloring remains. So Clu 1.0, who is a good guy, is yellow, and all of Sark’s tank commanders are blue.

Is TRON any good?

Tron offers zero transaction fees and has a very high tps compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is a fastly growing crypto asset, which exceeded $108 million within a month of its launch. Even staking or simply holding TRX enables holders to earn income, where users stake their TRX at a 1:1 ratio.

Is Tron Legacy scary?

Alien invasion thriller too scary for young kids.

Is Tron Legacy OK for children?

Tron: Legacy contains CGI violence and action, which is sometimes intense and includes fighting, explosions and bike and car chases. Although the movie doesn’t show blood and gore, younger children might find some of the injuries in the movie scary and/or disturbing.

Is Tron Legacy Family Friendly?

Tron: Legacy is a science fiction action adventure aimed at a teenage audience. The movie is visually stunning and will easily entertain its intended audience. You should be aware that although the movie doesn’t have a lot of blood and gore, it does have some quite intense violence and occasional scary images.

Why was Tron Uprising Cancelled?

The show was moved without notice, rebroadcast, or advertising, causing many fans to accuse Disney of forcing the ratings of the show down so it could be cancelled. After the last episode aired no more episodes of Tron: Uprising have been aired on Disney XD.

Will Tron ever return?

Disney Cancelled Tron: Ascension

That’s right, “Ascension” was canceled just two months after we found out about it. The Hollywood Reporter explained that despite leaks and rumors confirming the film’s title and shooting schedule, the film had never officially been greenlit.

Does Tron evolve canon?

According to Dave (a friend of Steven Lisberger, the creator and director of TRON), TRON is the only story that is truly canon. TRON 2.0’s storylines differ from Lisberger’s original intentions of the characters and the story, therefore, TRON 2.0 should be considered as its own canon.

What does Tron stand for?

TRON (acronym for The Real-time Operating system Nucleus) is an open architecture real-time operating system kernel design.

Why is Tron famous?

Tron, along with The Last Starfighter, has the distinction of being one of cinema’s earliest films to use extensive computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Who are the orange people in TRON?

Clu’s forces are orange, and users and their believers are white. Some programs are blue and some are green or pink or yellow or some have multi colors (Tron Uprising).

Is TRON blue or white?

MCP and CLU’s forces do tend to be red or orange, Tron was blue, Flynn, Quora, Sam were white, but so were Gem and Zeus.

What is the TRON world called?


The Grid
Owners Kevin Flynn (1983-1989) Clu 2 (1989-2010)
Inhabitants Programs Gridbugs
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Evolution TRON: Betrayal TRON: Legacy TRON: Uprising TRON RUN/r Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Is TRON coin a good investment 2021?

WalletInvestor still regards Tron as a good one-year investment. It is also bullish in the long term, with a 5-year target of 39 cents.

Is TRON crypto a good investment 2021?

In 2021, Tron made an attempt to set a new all-time high. It climbed to $0.13 in early April and then to $0.16 in mid-April. But eventually, the coin fell to $0.10, rose to $0.15 by May and suddenly dropped again to $0.06. In contrast to mid-year results, Tron finished 2021 better off.

Does TRON coin have a future?

Many people wonder what is TRON coin. The TRON project runs off a cryptocurrency called TRX, and this cryptocurrency has garnered a lot of fans, often called the ‘TRX army’.

What Is The Future Of TRON ?

Period Best Case Scenario Worst Case Scenario
2022 $4.50 $0.25
2023 $2.70 $0.25
2025 $10 $0.70

Is there a Tron 3?

Now, it looks like the studio has finally found time for Tron 3. Joseph Kosinski, the director of Tron: Legacy and the upcoming Twister reboot, won’t be returning. Instead, the studio has tapped Garth Davis to take the helm.

What is Cora in Tron?

Quorra is the confidante and apprentice of Kevin Flynn. Flynn has shared his knowledge of the real world with her, and as such, she longs to experience what lies outside the realm of possibility in her own world. She is the last known ISO alive and is referred to by Kevin Flynn as “The Miracle”.

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