Why did Elrond not stop isildur?

When Isildur took the ring, the only people close enough to see it were Elrond and Cirdan. Isildur kept the ring in secret, and I think that secrecy is the main reason Elrond didn’t push his case. Isildur insisted on keeping the ring for the memory of his father and brother.

Likewise, What race is Elrond?

Elrond Half-elven is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium. Both of his parents, Eärendil and Elwing, were half-elven, having both Men and Elves as ancestors.

Race Half-elven , choosing the fate of Elves
Book(s) The Hobbit The Lord of the Rings The Silmarillion Unfinished Tales

As well, Did Elrond tell Isildur to destroy the ring? In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Elrond tells Isildur to throw the ring into Mount Doom, but when he doesn’t do so, he doesn’t try and stop him by force or any other means.

Did Elrond fight Sauron? I always found it odd how Elrond, who fought Sauron in the second age, didn’t fight him in the third. He was one of the most powerful elves in Middle-Earth, and he had a ring of power!

Moreover What did Elrond say to Isildur? Elrond says: “I led Isildur into the heart of Mount Doom, where the ring was forged, the one place where it could be destroyed…” “Cast it into the fire! Destroy it!”

How old is Gandalf?

The closest approximation of Gandalf’s physical age is 24,000 years old, according to Gandalf himself. Yet, various dates of key events in other Tolkien texts show that Gandalf has actually only walked in his physical form for just over two thousand years.

Is Elrond still alive?

In the evil campaign, Elrond is seen during the Rivendell mission. He can be killed by Uruk-hai, or by Sauron himself. It is said that Elrond is a king, and the player must obtain his ring of power after his death. However, at the end, he returns and must be killed again, together with Legolas.

Who does Elrond represent?

I have seen three ages in the West of the world, and many defeats, and many fruitless victories.” Elrond was the half-elven son of Eärendil and Elwing, the father of Arwen, and the Lord of Rivendell who consistently fought against Sauron throughout the Second and Third Ages.

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Why was Isildur killed?

Isildur was later killed by Orcs and the Ring was lost in the Disaster of the Gladden Fields for nearly 2,500 years. His refusal to destroy the Ring allowed Sauron’s spirit to endure and ensured that he would remain a threat to Middle-earth for years to come.

Who took Frodo to Rivendell?

When the Nazgul approached again, Glorfindel put Frodo on his white horse Asfaloth, and bade the horse take Frodo to Rivendell. Asfaloth outran the black horses of the Nazgûl and managed to cross the Ford of Bruinen which led to Rivendell.

Who cast the ring into the fire?

Elrond : [voiceover] I led Isildur deep into the fires of Mount Doom, where the Ring was forged, the one place it could be destroyed. Elrond : Cast it into the fire! Destroy it! Isildur : No.

When did Isildur defeat Sauron?

In 3434 the combined armies of Elves and Men crossed the Misty Mountains and marched on to the Dagorlad. There the forces of Sauron were defeated and he retreated into the Barad-dûr to withstand a siege.

How did Isildur defeat Sauron?

He fought with Gil-galad and Elendil on the slopes of Mount Doom. Sauron’s body was cast down, but Gil-galad and Elendil died in the struggle. Elendil’s sword Narsil broke beneath him. Isildur took up the hilt of the sword and used the broken blade to cut the One Ring from Sauron’s hand.

Did Galadriel fight in battles?

1- “She fought fiercely in defence of her motherkin against Feanor“, no more detail. In later versions where her husband is Teleporno of the Teleri, “she with Celeborn fought heroically in defence of Alqualondë against the assault of the Noldor,” and they saved their ship.

Was there the day the strength of men failed?

when Isildur took the Ring. I was there the day the strength of Men failed.” [Elrond and Isildur stand on the slopes of Mount Doom.

Who cast the Ring into the fire?

Elrond : [voiceover] I led Isildur deep into the fires of Mount Doom, where the Ring was forged, the one place it could be destroyed. Elrond : Cast it into the fire! Destroy it! Isildur : No.

Was Elrond in the Battle of the Last Alliance?

The War of the Last Alliance was the war late in the Second Age in which the Last Alliance of Elves and Men marched against the fortress of Sauron, Barad-dûr in Mordor.

War of the Last Alliance
Gil-galad† Círdan Elrond Oropher † Thranduil Amdír † Elendil † Isildur Anárion † Sauron

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Why is Gandalf called mithrandir?

Although Gandalf is his most commonly-used moniker, he went by several other names as well. In his origins as a Maiar spirit in Valinor, he was known as Olorin. In Gondor, he was known as Mithrandir, meaning Grey Pilgrim. The White Rider was his name to those who saw him on his great white horse, Shadowfax.

How old is Arda LotR?

Grand total, up to the end of Lord of the Rings, 54,953 solar years. In a letter written in 1958 Tolkien said that he imagined the gap between “the fall of Barad-dûr” and “our days” to be about 6,000 years. Which would make Arda 60,000 years old, give or take a millennium.

How was Gandalf reborn?

Rather than being released as a spirit as normal, he was plucked out of the universe by God (Eru) then returned to life in his body and given extra power, as a reward for his self sacrifice and in recognition that the power was necessary to rally the free peoples against Sauron.

How old was Elrond during LOTR?

Elrond Age

Elrond was the son of Eärendil and Elwing, and a great-grandson of Lúthien, born in Beleriand in the First Age, making him well over 6,000 years old by the time of the events described in The Lord of the Rings.

Who is the oldest elf in LOTR?

The oldest elf in the entire Tolkien Legendarium is Ingwë, the High King of the Vanyarin Elves, and the most ancient elf is Imin, one of the fathers of the Elves.

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Who accompanied Gimli to Rivendell?

In order to find the meaning of the dream, Boromir went to “Imladris” – Rivendell. Glóin and his son Gimli were sent by Dáin II Ironfoot to warn Bilbo about a messenger from Mordor who appeared at the gate of Erebor, and asked for information of the One Ring.

Why did Aragorn grow up in Rivendell?

When Aragorn was two years old, his father was slain when an Orc arrow pierced his eye. As was the tradition of his people, Aragorn was fostered in Rivendell by Elrond as if he was his own son. The Wise decided that his identity was to be kept secret, as he would be vulnerable to the Enemy.

Who will take the ring to Mordor?

Council of Elrond

They discussed the history of the Rings of Power and decided that the One Ring needed to be destroyed by being cast into the fires of Mount Doom. As the ring was brought forth, fighting broke out, and Frodo volunteered to take the Ring to Mordor.

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