Why is it called an auger?

The Old English ancestor of auger was nafogar, which was made up of nafu and gar, meaning “spear.” By Middle English nafogar had lost a syllable and shrunk to nauger. Since a nauger sounds like an auger, people began to write an auger, and our modern spelling of the word was born.

Similarly, What is an auger in England? auger in British English

(ˈɔːɡə ) noun. 1. a hand tool with a bit shaped like a corkscrew, for boring holes in wood.

Then, What is a synonym for auger?


  • borer.
  • gimlet.
  • grill.
  • tool.

And How do you use auger in a sentence? Auger sentence example

  1. It contains a very powerful auger to crush snow and if you don’t wait until the power is shut off to put your hand in the machine, you run the risk of severe injury. …
  2. These figures do not auger well for the future of British farming.

Can you dig a well with an auger? Yes they will dig, especially in dry clay. I have never extended mine past 5 foot, can’t imagine pulling it out of the hole at 25+ feet.

Is auger a Scrabble word?

Yes, auger is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is a wimble?

Definition of wimble

(Entry 1 of 2) : any of various instruments for boring holes. wimble. verb. wimbled; wimbling ˈwim-b(ə-)liŋ “,What is another word for morphing?”

What is another word for morph?

change alter
transform modify
switch adapt
contort distort
mutate deform

What is a antonym for deposition?

Antonyms. defense decrease decrement dislodge unfasten nonpayment take.

How do you use incredulously in a sentence?

Incredulously sentence example

He stared at it incredulously for a moment before turning to her. Her brother shook his head incredulously . Me surviving? she asked incredulously .

How do you use deposition in a sentence?

Deposition in a Sentence

  1. After the deposition of the president, the vice-president was asked to lead the country.
  2. The deposition created a vacancy on the school board.
  3. As soon as the people received word of the dictator’s deposition, they ran in the streets and started to celebrate.

How do you use effrontery in a sentence?

Effrontery sentence example

As with all the others, there is the same quietly brazen effrontery in trying to minimize or ignore unanswerable facts. Despite himself, the professor smiles at the young effrontery before him.

How deep can a hand auger go?

An auger can drill holes as deep as 95 feet and as shallow as 3 feet. However, once the depth goes beyond 95 feet, you can add an extension rod to the auger.

How do you hand dig a shallow well?

How deep can you hand auger?

Augers can be used up to a depth of about 15-25 meters, depending on the geology.

What does it mean when you finesse someone?

To cheat or deceive someone. I’m not going to let some scammer like him finesse me out of my hard-earned money!

Is morph a real word?

morph Add to list Share. To morph is to change from one shape to another. A cute bunny, for example, might morph into a killer dragon in a fairy tale or an animated film.

What is another word for Morphe?

What is another word for morphine?

opium drug
opiate soporific
dope heroin
hypnotic poppy
codeine papaverine

What is the synonym of prodigious?

Some common synonyms of prodigious are monstrous, stupendous, and tremendous. While all these words mean “extremely impressive,” prodigious suggests a marvelousness exceeding belief, usually in something felt as going far beyond a previous maximum (as of goodness, greatness, intensity, or size).

What is the opposite of melting?

What is the opposite of melt?

harden set
coagulate condense
cool divide
fight freeze
separate stop

What does it mean when something is overturned?

1 : to turn over or upside down Waves overturned the boat. 2 : to reverse or cancel something previously decided or ordered The judge overturned the lower court’s ruling.

What is the difference between incredible and incredulous?

Incredible means “too extraordinary to be believed,” whereas incredulous means “skeptical.” They come from credible and credulous, respectively, as credible describes something that is believable, while credulous describes someone who readily believes or is not skeptical.

What is the word for not trusting anyone?

Some common synonyms of mistrust are doubt, dubiety, skepticism, suspicion, and uncertainty. While all these words mean “lack of sureness about someone or something,” mistrust implies a genuine doubt based upon suspicion.

What does it mean when someone blanched?

: to become white or pale (as from shock or fear) His face blanched with horror. — often used figuratively to describe a reaction of shock or dismay that makes someone unwilling or reluctant to proceed Civilians also saw benefits to the system but blanched when talk then included references to $300-plus user fees.—


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