How much would it cost to send a package to the Philippines?

Cost & delivery speeds for shipping to Philippines from the US

Service Price*
USPS First Class International $25.65
USPS Priority Mail International $56.76
USPS Priority Mail Express International $74.66
UPS Worldwide Expedited $45.03

Similarly, How do I send a package to LBC? How to ship your items via LBC?

  1. Fill out the signup form at to create an LBC Online account.
  2. Log in to your account after signing up and use the LBC Online booking page to schedule a delivery.

Then, How do I send a small package to the Philippines?

The cheapest way to ship to the Philippines is via one of our tracked mail services, such as EMS Parcel Post or DHL eCommerce. These services are generally cheaper than a standard courier service as transit times are longer and they utilize the local postal service in the Philippines to make the final delivery.

And How much does it cost to send a parcel from UK to Philippines? Send a Cheap Parcel to the Philippines

Weight of parcel being delivered to Philippines Worldwide Air Prices
1kg £38.83* Book
5kg £60.11* Book
10kg £86.71* Book
25kg £166.51* Book

How much is the post office per kilo in the Philippines? Postage rate: P0. 90 for the first half kilo and P0. 45 for each additional half kilo or fraction thereof, plus terminal charge as follows: P0. 60 on each parcel-post package weighing 5 kilos or less, and P1.

How can I pick up my package in LBC?

How to Book an LBC Pick Up Service

  1. Visit the LBC Pick Up booking page (
  2. Select your preferred pick up date and time.
  3. Enter the required shipper and bank account details on the booking form.
  4. Click the Submit button.

Is it safe to send cellphone through LBC?

LBC Express is committed to keeping your deliveries safe. Rest assured that gadgets such as cellphones, tablets, and other similar can safely be shipped through sea freight as well as important documents such as passports, birth and marriage cerfticates. What items are prohibited from shipping?

What is LBC stand for?


Acronym Definition
LBC Local Business Center
LBC Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation
LBC Long Beach City
LBC Lawn Bowling Club (various locations)

Can Amazon deliver to Philippines?

Shopping on from Philippines

You can get almost anything on and ship it to Philippines through Borderlinx. You can buy from the USA on dvds, books, the kindle, toys, headphones or clothing, jewelry and kitchenware. And with Borderlinx you can ship it to Philippines.

Do I have to pay customs for package from UK to Philippines?

Do I need to deal with customs when sending from the UK to the Philippines? When posting to the Philippines, you’ll need to complete a customs declaration in order to ensure your parcel can be delivered safely and on time.

Can I send a mobile phone to the Philippines?

Sending a cell phone to the Philippines requires paying Customs fees. Sending a cell phone to the Philippines requires the use of an international courier. Depending on the courier used, you may have to pay an extra fee to have the package insured, in case the package gets lost or damaged.

Can I send parcel to Philippines from UK?

You can have a parcel collected in the UK and delivered in the Philippines in just 2-4 days via DHL Express.

How much is sending a letter in Philippines?

Country Conditions for Mailing – Philippines

Weight not over (ozs.) Letter- post Rate
1 $0.84
2 1.65
3 2.40
4 3.20

How much is registered mail in the Philippines?

The new rates for mail weighing 1,501 to 2,000 grams is now cost P110 for intra, P125 for interland, and P150 for interair. Previously, mail weighing 1,501 to 2,000 grams would cost P155 for intra and P205 for inter.

How much is sending a letter?

Try us out for 4 weeks!

Post Office/Retail Rates
Letters 2022 Postage Rates 2021 Postage Rates*
First-Class Mail letter (1 oz.) $0.58 $0.58
First-Class Mail letter – each additional ounce $0.20 $0.20
First-Class Mail Flat/Large Envelope (1 oz.) $1.16 $1.16

Can someone claim my LBC package?

Whatever it is, as long as there’s someone to receive, he/she may claim it provided that the receiver will sign as proof that the order is received.

What items are not allowed in cargo?

Prohibited Items

  • Aerosol.
  • Air Bag.
  • Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Alcoholic Content.
  • All Batteries.
  • Ammunition.
  • Animals Of Any Form (Alive Or Dead)
  • Biological Samples.

Can someone else claim my LBC package?

Whatever it is, as long as there’s someone to receive, he/she may claim it provided that the receiver will sign as proof that the order is received. However, for pickups on stations, you might need to provide an authorization letter to your receiver and remind the receiver to bring a VALID ID when claiming.

Can LBC ship plants?

Plants will be sent via LBC Express Padala to our regular clients from #Cebu.

Who owns LBC?

LBC (originally the London Broadcasting Company) is a British phone-in and talk radio station owned and operated by Global and based in its headquarters in London.


Owner Global
Sister stations LBC News
First air date 8 October 1973

What does LBZ mean?


Acronym Definition
LBZ Life Below Zero (TV show)
LBZ Lemming Ball Z (game)
LBZ Lutyens Bungalow Zone (New Delhi, India)
LBZ Local Brittle Zone

What does Snoop mean when he says LBC?

The LBC Crew (Long Beach City Crew) were a hip-hop trio from Long Beach, California. They were the first act to be executively-produced by Snoop Dogg. LBC Crew. Origin. Long Beach, California, U.S.

How much is shipping fee in Amazon to Philippines?

No, Amazon does not offer free shipping to the Philippines. You’ll normally have to pay around ₱500 PHP to have your Amazon purchase shipped to the Philippines, and you may have to pay more if you’re buying multiple items or your purchase is heavy or bulky.

What is the best online shopping site in the Philippines?

Top 20 Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines

  • Lazada.
  • OLX.
  • Shopee.
  • Cebu Pacific.
  • Zalora.
  • Metrodeal.
  • eBay Philippines.
  • Galleon.PH.

Does eBay deliver Philippines?

When looking at what Borderlinx customers from Philippines buy online, is one of Philippines’s favorite overseas retailer, and for good reason. is the largest marketplace in the world with millions of products for sale everday and, thanks to Borderlinx, you can now ship it all to Philippines.

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