Ripple : Australian Crypto – BTC Markets

Ripple update: Australian Crypto – BTC Markets

Any Australians here who use BTC Markets for crypto purchase? Any update on the exchange going down. Why it went down or when deposits/withdrawls will be reinstated? I keep emailing support but no reply.

I’m scared. I had some xrp on the exchange and it crashed. I log into the exchange and it’s there but I check the xrp ledger and it says I only have 20 (the reverse – yes this is an activated wallet). Emailed support yesterday and today. Still no reply… wtf?

Anyone heard an update?

Edit: I got an email reply saying fiat deposits up and running. Fiat withdrawls within 24hrs and crypto deposits/withdrawls up within 48 hours (Sat Arvo AEST). They keep avoiding my questions as to what happened (not even addressing it by saying they don’t know). Hopefully I’m just overly skeptical and everything will return to normal by Sat.

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