Ripple : Buying In The UK?

Ripple update: Buying In The UK?

What is the easiest/quickest/best way to buy XRP in the UK?

Currently my methods have been going through Coinbase and sending through Shapeshift converting LTC > XRP.

I’ve seen a lot of Coinbase hate and people stopping using them, but it just seems like the most convenient and quickest way to sort out in the UK, but I’m definitely looking for other options.

I don’t like the idea of having to do multiple transfers over the course of a few days. I prefer to buy quickly when I want to buy, so waiting 3-4 days for a transfer to somewhere when the price could have changed considerably by then doesn’t seem ideal.

Also as a side question or two, at what stage should someone be looking into getting a Ledger Nano S? Is there a specific amount of XRP/$USD value that is usually the aim before purchasing one? How would be best to store it? and final question, what’s the best/safest way to secure the backup phrase/code for the ledger? Is it safer to write it down on paper or would it be safer to encrypt another USB device and store it on there?

This post turned out longer than expected, so any insight on any of the questions would be much appreciated.

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