Ripple : Coil: a list of monetized websites?

Ripple update: Coil: a list of monetized websites?

I’m sorry if r/Ripple isn’t the place to post about Coil. But r/Coil has only 755 subscribers.


I have just added the script to an old blog I have and I think it’s working. If someone could please take a look, it is a blog that reunited from 2009 to 2012 songs with whistlings in them:

And I thought if there is a real list with websites monetized with Coil. I say ‘real’ because in []( we can find this list, but there are many websites there that don’t show the warning “This page is Web-Monetized” in Coil Chrome plugin…

Well, I have another question for creators: I know Coil it’s in its very beginning, but does it pay a nice amount?



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