Ripple : Coinbase and their limits

Ripple update: Coinbase and their limits

I figured this would be a good spot to highlight a message I received from Coinbase yesterday—post Swell.

I received a notification that they drastically increased my daily deposit and withdrawal limits… and I have not touched CB since December/January when I was buying LTC/ETH to transfer to Kraken to buy XRP (I use Uphold now). Obviously there is a lot of contention with CB listing XRP in general, but this got me thinking… As an XRP holder, of which has a company (Ripple) using XRP as a mechanism that can potentially skyrocket its value; I find it ominous that CB still has not listed XRP. There are many US based holders that would like a nice point to withdraw their their value with ease as price increases (if/when the time comes) and with CB as a US market leader, they are essentially tempting people to convert XRP back into ETH/BCH/BCT/LTC with such high amounts. To me, this keeps their poster-child currencies high in value, rather than directly dealing with a “top-3” currency that has a company with a very robust, and now proven, use-case.

Sorry if that sounds “tinfoil hat” like, but with all the talk of market manipulation we see often across most exchanges, it’s hard not to overlook that. As for me, XRP/USD and vise versa is the only way for me from here on out!

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