Ripple : I hope the Trump admin is paying attention to this BCash drama.

Ripple update: I hope the Trump admin is paying attention to this BCash drama.

I know they have bigger fish to fry at the moment. But I’m sure this latest Ver/Wright faketoshi BCH ABC/SV/LMNOPQ9er war is on their radar.

On one hand I’m sad for crypto as a whole. I don’t think BTC is going anywhere for a while. (yes I’m diversified) But this is bad PR for everyone in the crypto space.

On the other hand I’m watching my XRP bags slowly decouple from the BTC base. And this current drama just gives more ammo to the XRP maximalists (is that a thing yet) that BTC and BCash are indeed centralized more than anyone would like to admit. I think its premature for the Trump admin to give their blessing to a crypto yet. But if I know the big brains at Ripple Labs they are reinforcing XRP’s dominance and leveraging this junior high school-esq drama.


Lets do our part and keep the XRP tweets and videos and posts flowing in a positive light and let the kids table fight for the scraps in the end.

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