Ripple : I will not post in this sub anymore

Ripple update: I will not post in this sub anymore

Dear fellow redditor friends,

my aim in the last months was to strictly separate XRP posts from Ripple posts as I can not on one hand demand their separation in the real world and on the other hand post about XRP in a sub reddit that is all about Ripple.

So why am I going to change this practice? This sub and the mods are really not treating posts well (to say it very nice). It is quite painful to make a lot of effort to collect informations, post them and keep them updated in the main threat if the discussion goes into a different direction and shows updated infos. If this happens I update the main threat with new sources and informations.

Today I linked to a tweet from the CEO of SBI that contained not up to date informations. I kept updating these informations as some of you fellow redditors posted new informations.

However my post got deleted without me being notified. This is not very polite and does not help the community.


1. It is nice to contact someone before deleting
2. the information that the CEO tweeted is old informations is still very important for everybody here as it has a big impact on his credibility.


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