Ripple : Is an exchange allowed to withold XRP that was bought through their service?

Ripple update: Is an exchange allowed to withold XRP that was bought through their service?

I recently bought a sum of XRP through r/CoinCorner (Isle of Man based exchange), without realising that they do not currently offer send/receive functionality for altcoins.

This is a shortcoming on my part for not noticing this before purchasing from them, but it is what it is, and after emailing them asking for an update on progress I received a reply stating that full altcoin functionality is something they “may look at adding”, but it is “still under review and likely won’t be introduced any time soon”.

I find this pretty disappointing as a response, considering how important the ability to send/receive coins is in the cryptocurrency space, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t now a bit worried.

I would now like to withdraw my XRP from their service to store in a private wallet, and so I wanted to ask if anyone knows of any measures I can take to regain control of my XRP, in absence of the ability to withdraw coins through their website.

I find it hard to believe that an exchange is in the position to deny a customer access to assets which were purchased through their service, and I am willing to go as far as visiting their office with a hardware wallet in an attempt to gain access to my tokens.

Any advice on what my rights/options are here would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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