Ripple : Question: Stock/Crypto price drop and its implication for Ripple

Ripple update: Question: Stock/Crypto price drop and its implication for Ripple

Just did some research on whether or not a stock price of a company directly affects that company’s finances. I came across this:

*But does a drop in share price matter to the individual corporations in question?*

*It matters indirectly. If you buy a share of Apple for $300 and sell it for $250, the company itself doesn’t lose any money. In that sense, day-to-day fluctuations in stock prices don’t mean much to stable corporations with stockpiles of cash. (Apple, for instance, currently has* [***$76 billion***]( *stored away.) A drop in market value can, however, destroy a company that* [***relies on outside financing***]( *(PDF) to fund its operations.*


So I was thinking, does Ripple rely on outside financing or are they sitting on a nice stockpile of cash? Does a big drop in XRP’s value detrimentally affect Ripple’s goals> If they are sitting on cash, I wonder how much they have at their disposal in order to make their vision come true?

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