Ripple : RE: I pitched Ripple to My companies CFO.

Ripple update: RE: I pitched Ripple to My companies CFO.

A few months ago I made a post here after I pitched Ripple and Blockchain technology to CFO of the company I work for (FTSE 100 company with 45,000 employees). As the business operates in the assurance and Inspection industry, Blockchain would be very useful to them to validate Inspectors authenticity when they complete Inspections of various products etc. They also handle massive inter-company and inter-country invoices, which require huge stacks of money to be put into foreign currency accounts for conversion. I identified xVia to be the best product Ripple offer to help give them a solution and allow them to not have to hold all that money in those accounts, hence freeing up liquidity.

Well anyway, the feedback from my pitch a few months ago was that they wont touch anything with Cryptocurrency involved however a recent communication I received from the board of directors was that they were in the process of introducing Blockchain technology to validate Inspectors authenticity when carrying out Inspections. Funny that huh.

It just goes to show that the big players in industry are aware of Blockchain technology, which is great for us but it also shows us that they understand the benefits it can bring to a business. I wouldn’t be surprised in within the next year or two I see an email saying “We will be using Ripple for Inter-company/Inter-Country invoice settlements.”

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