Ripple : Ripple client and secret key recovery

Ripple update: Ripple client and secret key recovery

Hello everyone! I found several posts from people who did manage to get in touch with ripple and reactivate their account. I hope that somebody can also help me.

In a galaxy a long, long time ago, I was an active participator in the World Community Grid, and then (in 2014?) Ripple activated their Computing for Good project. I did not pay much attention to it, but I did gather a lot of ripple back then.

But since then, the CFG project is deleted, and the Ripple Client too. I do not have the secret key but I damn well know my username and password. The Ripple secret key support tool keeps provoding incoherent answers (user/pass not valid; unable to reach servers; client service not available).

I contacted Ripple support several times already but only received automated replies.

Did someone manage to recover their ripples? Can somebody please help me?

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