Ripple : WARNING : Coinsquare (CAN exchange) stole 14k XRP from me

Ripple update: WARNING : Coinsquare (CAN exchange) stole 14k XRP from me

My verified account got 14k xrp stolen in two withdraw on september 11th at 10 PM and and september 12th at 1 AM.

The email i use for this is my gmail and i am supposed to have confirmation emails on it, which didn’t happen.

No the thief did not log in my gmail account because it is secured in all possible ways google provides(2 steps verifi and new ip confirmation steps).

No nobody logged on from any of the 3 devices on which my gmail account is verified. All of them are physically available to me only ( Cellphone always on me, desktop secured in my apartment and same for laptop).

2fa was NOT activated on my coinsquare account, but it was on my GMAIL account, of witch i’ve receive absolutely no confirmation.

Support “Charlie” adviced that i change the email adress, password and activate 2fa on the account and provide him with a picture of gouv ID and a date written on paper, which i also did. He is very sorry and has no way of having my XRP back.

So withdrawal with ABSOLUTELY no email confirmation to my gmail.

*Please don’t be a fool like me, avoid service with this exchange. They steal your coins and provide with vague and fake explanations. Thanks for reading, I feel like i’ve lost quite a few hours of my life because of this event.*

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