Ripple : What is going on with SBI VC?

Ripple update: What is going on with SBI VC?

Note: This isn’t a complaint nor impatience, just curiosity.

So I’ve got a few questions about SBI VC and I’m hoping some of you could respond to any or all of them. Hopefully some of our Japanese friends could also add to the discussion.

SBI VC launched to the public a couple of days ago. What exactly is meant by this? Has trading commenced at all? If so, why isn’t the data available on (or cmc, livecoinwatch)?

Will unregistered users ever be able to view the exchange interface and watch trades, buy/sell orders take place and the price move live?

Can anyone using the exchange provide some information about the sort of volume on the exchange? (that is if trading has commenced)

Thanks in advance 🙂

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