Ripple : Where/how will we see xRapid adoption on

Ripple update: Where/how will we see xRapid adoption on

I understand that an xRapid transaction involves converting fiat to XRP, sending this XRP to someone, and then converting this XRP to a different fiat. As xRapid moves into production, we will thus obviously see an uptick in XRP transfers, which is called “XRP Ledger Payment Volume” on []( However, I am curious where/how we could monitor xRapid adoption for the XRP/fiat part of the transaction.

* Will this be done using the public order books on the exchange, and thus be tabulated under “Total XRP Trade Volume (All Exchanges)”?
* Will this be done by first converting the fiat to IOUs, and then trading the IOUs for XRP directly on the ledger’s decentralized exchange? And thus be tabulated under “XRP Ledger Trade Volume (All Pairs)”?
* Will the fiat/XRP trade be done using some form of over the counter trade at the exchange, and hence not be publicly available at all?
* Or might the XRP/fiat exchange be treated differently by each exchange?

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