Ripple : Wonderland of Bitcoin

Ripple update: Wonderland of Bitcoin

**Proof of Work(PoW)**

Imagine you order a coffee and pay by Bitcoin. The waiter runs frantically and starts pushups aggressively…and there is no sign of coffee being prepared and you wonder what the heck?…after an hour of pushups he comes sweating and serve’s you the coffee, you ask him what the heck just happened, he says “Proof of Work, Sir”. You are pissed off for waiting for an hour just to drink a coffee. Now you catch a UBER and while getting down you pay the driver using Bitcoin and you see the driver running to the platform and doing pushup’s, now you really starts to wonder your ill fate, and again asked regarding what happened he says same words “Proof of Work, Sir”. Now you are really careful NOT to buy any Goods or Service until you get out of this wonderland of Bitcoin. Unfortunately you run out of balance on your mobile phone and now you have to pay for recharge compulsory. You are so scared to see again someone doing pushup’s ,but you have got no choice…so you walk into mobile service providers corporate outlet to pay bill, as soon as you pay you are surprised to see that the gentleman not running away but then you watch some thing strange , he claps and on his signal bunch of people with sports gear(ASIC hardware) starts to do pushups and you just pass out.

This gets more interesting when a BCH splits from BTC and hijacks **pushupers** from BTC and starts recruiting more “**pushupers**” to show “Proof of Work”, that gets even more ugly when BCH splits as BCH SV and BCH ABC, now these two split **pushupers** between them and to show who’s more maniac , they take some of the BTC **pushupers** and deploy to backup BCH ABC. Some times I wonder if this kind of split keeps happening we may run out of alphabets(BCH SV ABCEWZXXX….). The worst part of “Proof of Work” is when some one has 51% of **pushupers** then they can pass fraudulent transactions.

**Proof of Intelligence**

XRP uses **Ripple Protocol Consensus ,** where there is no incentive for validating a transaction as in Bitcoin which led to greed which is destroying themselves, it was good initially but once it crossed a certain point it became threat. For XRP the more validators joins, the more decentralized it becomes .It has now become decentralized as there are more independent validators than the Ripple company.

*The below table compares key metrics between major payment solutions*

|Payment Type|Payment time|Settlement time|Charges|Scale(Transaction/Second)|Power Consumption|
|Visa/MC/Amex/CUP/RuPay|2-5 Secs |T+1 or based on banking holidays it may go up to T+5 days| 1%(Depends country to country) of the transaction|1700|0.54TWh|
|Bitcoin|1hr-2hrs|1hr-2hrs|$28|7|26.05 TWh |
|XRP|3 Secs|3 Secs|$0.00001|1500|0.0005361TWh|


Bitcoin is good to be a PoC(**Proof of Concept**) and from here on Real World Applications(XRP) will take over. We are really grateful for the wonderful job done by Bitcoin but now it’s time to **retire with honor,** leave the floor to big boys. Institution investor will hire experts to be careful, so retailers please jump the ship as soon as possible, Just before couple of days we overtook ETH and we are ready to blast past BTC.


Did someone say Lightning Network, it is totally against the founding principles of Bitcoin and it gives back power to few entities. Don’t get cheated by heavy jorgan and fancy tech words, its snake oil no mater who says what.

XRP will become the Global Reserve or Bridge currency and there’s new coin in town [**elixxir_io**]( which will take care of domestic day today transactions it’s more faster more efficient and highly scalable .

Back to our wonderland, because you passed out, some one admits you into hospital and while getting discharged you see the sign “Bitcoin Accepted Here” and then in few minutes later you are behind bars for vandalizing with house full of vandalizers 🙂


It’s highly irresponsible to play joke with the most serious business on earth, please do make a mockery of payment industry. I am personally pissed off with the irresponsible behavior of few individuals of late in crypto sphere. You are no better than the high flying Wall Street thugs and Govt across the globe who destroyed families happiness, shattered dreams and backstabbed their trust , we will forgive even those politicians but not one who played us all along as the new messiah and being a redeemer. **BITCOIN BE WARNED, TECHNICALLY YOU ARE NOT FIT TO SOLVE CURRENT PROBLEM.**

p.s: Thanks DAI [**digitalassetbuy**]( for mentioning my below article on 11/11/2018




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About Ripple (XRP)

Ripple connects banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset XRP to further reduce their costs and access new markets. XRP is the fastest and most scalable digital asset today.

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