Ripple : XRP – Azrael

Ripple update: XRP – Azrael

tl;dr: XRP is Azrael. I want to know who it’s victims are going to be.


If you’ve been here for even weeks, you know how much FUD is out there about XRP. It’s a bankers coin that banks will never use, somehow. It’s too centralized while somehow bitcoin is not. It’s a security while somehow eth is not. You’ve likely seen the idea floating around that there is severe manipulation by exchanges and other major players to keep BTC/ETH on the top in order to maximize profits when the coins fork. If you got here recently, you may have even been a victim of the anti-XRP sentiment and had to deprogram yourself from it. Good on you!


But why is it all out there? Why is XRP so toxic outside of its strongholds? I think I may have figured it out…


I honestly believe XRP is the Azrael of the Crypto world. Those familiar with Abrahamic Religions know he is the Angel of Destruction and Renewal of the Hebrew Bible. In other words, XRP is a coin killer. It is the only coin with a use case that is in production (there’s an argument that ETH got there first, but I’d argue they’re still in the proof of concept phase), and it already has its sights on the second and third use cases with Codius (Eth) and Coil (BAT and possibly TRX). Couple this with regulation and you’re going to see a vastly different landscape in this market.


XRP is toxic because it holds the blade that will slit the throat of their chosen one.


In 2019 I expect to see even more coins added to this list as more and more developers flock to XRP. Next in line (in my opinion) are the privacy coins, since we’ve recently discovered that there are privacy capabilities within XRP. I’m eagerly looking forward to learning more about this but info is very scarce. I don’t have a source for this, it was in a thread that I saw about 2 weeks ago. I’ve done a light bit of searching but was unable to find it. Edit: [](


This community is ahead of the curve in this space, there’s very little doubt about that. What I want to do is tap into that with a few simple questions:


What other coins are you invested in?

Is the market that said coin(s) is targeting a viable option for XRP based off what we currently know about the capabilities of XRP?

If so, do you see those coins retaining their market when put up against XRP and why?


Coins that I see being made obsolete:

BTC, ETH, Any coin distributed on the ETH network, BAT, TRX, DOGE.


I say DOGE because it gets it’s new found value and stability off of the DOGE/ETH connection. Short of finding a new use case I see it staying the joke coin that’s used by a community for tipping once ETH is assassinated, however the unlimited supply severely hinders the long term potential of the value of the asset.


I’m looking forward to your opinions!

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