Ripple : XRP Ledger observations and questions

Ripple update: XRP Ledger observations and questions

I like to check in on XRP Markets at the Charts page of ripple:


One thing I noticed is the the XRP ledger is a .5% of all transactions (its usually .4%, going higher when they test, but that number is somewhat relative). I think that this is the first time the majority of transactions on the ledger have been USD/XRP and vice versa. Usually most of the ledger transactions are XRP/CNY.

I assume this increase in XPR transactions are tests and the product going live. But what is with all these CNY tx’s? Are there a significant number of Chinese banks testing? Who is using the actual ledger?

It looks like the XRP/USD tx’s are from bitstamp. Is that how xRapid works- getting XRP from bitstamp? If not, how do xRapid tx’s appear on the ledger?

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