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    What will Ethereum be worth in 2030?

    Ethereum Price Prediction 2030 It will be traded for at least $72,385.01, with the possible maximum peaks at $84,271.43. Therefore, on average, you can expect the ETH price to be around $74,965.10 in 2030. Similarly, Will Ethereum go up in 2021? Despite the slow start to 2022, many experts are still bullish, predicting Ethereum’s price […] More

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    Why do I need eth domain?

    ETH domain or username? Ethereum Name Service is a blockchain protocol for users who want to have their own unique and memorable usernames over Web 3.0. Using the service allows you to nail all of your wallet addresses and decentralized websites to a single unique name. Similarly, How much is an eth domain? Registering a […] More

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    How do ETH domains work?

    Anyone can register a . eth domain name for themselves by participating in an auction process, mediated by the blockchain. Users are required to wait for the name to become available, then they must bid on the said name and reveal their bid later. Similarly, How much does it cost to register an ETH? How […] More