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    How many times can you take the ARRT exam?

    You may make three attempts within three years to pass a certification and registration exam. The three-year period begins with the starting date of your initial ARRT exam window. After three unsuccessful exam attempts or three years—whichever comes first—your eligibility ends. In the same way, How much does a radiologist tech make? The median annual […] More

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    What is the passing score for ARRT exam?

    Our exam scoring scale ranges from 1 to 99, and you’ll need a total score of 75 to pass the exam. This isn’t a percentage; the number of correct answers necessary to obtain a scaled score of 75 will always vary. For example, each discipline has a different number of questions on its exams. In […] More

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    What happens if you fail the ARRT 3 times?

    If you fail an ARRT exam three times within three years, you’ll have to regain eligibility to apply for certification and registration. You’ll follow one of two routes, depending on whether you’re pursuing ARRT credentials through the primary or postprimary pathway. In the same way, Is the ARRT multiple choice? About our exams: Computer-based. Most […] More