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    How do I participate in Astroport airdrop?

    Once the lockdrop is live, you’ll be able to check your airdrop eligibility by pasting your Terra addresses in on the Astroport website. Then, you can either wait until Astroport’s launch to claim your airdropped ASTRO tokens or commit them to the ASTRO/UST pool and receive more ASTRO in Phase 2 (see below). Similarly, When […] More

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    Where can I stake Astroport?

    Your positions have been automatically staked in the ASTRO Generators. If you provided liquidity on Astroport after the lockdrop, visit the pools page and click the Stake button. Then, select how much you want to stake in the ASTRO Generators. Similarly, What is the price of Luna? LUNA Price Statistics Terra Price $32.17 Trading Volume24h […] More