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    How do you use the word augur?

    Augur in a Sentence Even the film’s initial reviews augur the movie’s A-list cast will be front and center on Oscar night. Sadly the polls seem to augur the arrogant tycoon will be our next president. The fact Gina arrived two hours late did not augur well for a productive workday. Similarly, What does it […] More

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    What is the antonym of augur?

    What is the opposite of augur? misinterpret misunderstand misconceive mistake err confound confuse misrepresent misjudge Similarly, What is an antonym of Auger? noun. ( ˈɔgɝ) Hand tool for boring holes. Antonyms. anapsid good person. wimble. Then, What is the synonym of augur? foretell, forecast, predict, prophesy, prognosticate, divine, foresee. literary betoken, foretoken, forebode, harbinger. archaic […] More

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    Does not augur well meaning?

    Augur’ or ‘Auger’? If something “augurs well” or “augurs ill,” it means that something good or bad is predicted to happen, respectively. Similarly, Which is the closest antonym for the word traditional? nontraditional, unconventional, uncustomary, untraditional. Then, Does not augur well in a sentence? I am afraid that this poll data does not augur well […] More