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    How many Axie players right now?

    According to the report, Axie Infinity currently has 8.3 million players and is expected to cross the 10 million mark before the end of the year. The game has more than a million active daily users, making it perhaps the most widely used blockchain game. Similarly, How can I buy a Axie? How to buy […] More

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    How do you find an Axie SLP?

    Log in to your Axie Infinity account and connect your Ronin Wallet. Click [Claim Tokens] from the menu to see the amount of SLP you can claim and when you’ll be able to do it. Then, click [Claim SLP] to transfer the SLP to your Ronin Wallet. Similarly, What country is Axie available? These creatures […] More

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    What is the maximum level you can reach for each Axie?

    It seeems to be 25. Similarly, What is a pure Axie? We define a “Pure Axie” as an Axie of a certain class that has six out of a possible six body parts belonging to that class. Here’s an example: The highest stats an Axie can have for each ability is 61. This Bird Axie […] More