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    What will be the price of BNB in 2025?

    Each year they expect BNB to repeat this market movement. So in 2022 they have BNB reaching $32, in 2023 – $37, in 2024 – $43 and in 2025 – $42. In the same way, What is the future of BTT? Our algorithm-based analysis projects that the BitTorrent token price could rise to $0.0000026 by […] More

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    Is Kin a good investment?

    Is KIN a good investment? Kin could be a good investment, but that depends if the project picks up wider support. If not, the value of the token could easily fall. Please make sure to conduct your own extensive research before making any investment choice. In the same way, How high can Siacoin go? According […] More