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    Is CoinList legitimate?

    Summary. CoinList is a trusted guide to the world of the best new tokens that appear in the crypto industry. The service has completed several successful token sales for the world’s leading companies and gained a reputation among crypto investors. Similarly, Is CoinList pro legit? Coinlist Pro is a legit and safe platform. They have […] More

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    What is CoinList?

    CoinList is an ICO platform. CoinList is where digital asset companies run their token sales. It selects companies to partner with after a diligence process involving its technical and market advisory committees–comprising crypto investors, luminaries, and developers. Similarly, What is CoinList account? What is CoinList? CoinList is where early adopters invest in and trade the […] More

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    Why do people sell CoinList accounts?

    Given the uncertainty in the secondary market, many successful investors prefer to resell their CoinList accounts at a discount, with the seller getting the future futures at a discounted market price and the seller getting the certainty of high returns through the discount. Similarly, Does CoinList work in the US? Most people can use the […] More