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    Are cosmos and Polkadot competitors?

    Blockchain development On this count, Polkadot leads with a total of 527, while Cosmos has at least 262 apps. Since both are competing in creating a developer-friendly ecosystem for other blockchains, looking at developer activity tells us something about where the builders in DeFi are attracted to. Similarly, Is Cosmos a good crypto? Cosmos certainly […] More

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    Is Polkadot better than Bitcoin?

    Which Of Bitcoin Vs Polkadot Is Quicker? Polkadot is significantly quicker. It can process 1,000 transactions per second compared to Bitcoin’s 4.6. Similarly, Is Polkadot built on Ethereum? Both Ethereum 2.0 and Polkadot leverage a hybrid consensus model. In this, both block production and finality have their own protocol. However, there are some important differences […] More

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    Will Cosmos crypto go up?

    According to Wallet Investor’s ATOM prediction, the average price might reach $39.5 by March next year and $110.3 by April 2027. According to Digital Coin’s Cosmos price prediction, the average price of ATOM in 2022 could be $27.4, moving up to $31.1 in 2023, $42 in 2025 and $98 in 2030. Similarly, Is polkadot a […] More