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    Is cryptex real?

    The Cryptex tells a slightly different story to the majority of the exhibits at the German Spy museum. The well-secured and entirely secret vault was in reality a figment in the imagination of the author Dan Brown. In the same way, What do you put in a cryptex? The Da Vinci Code Cryptex is the […] More

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    What is a cryptex puzzle?

    Coined from the combination of the words cryptology and codex, its use of “the science of cryptology” secures and protects secrets written on parchment contained within. The Cryptex functions similar to a bicycle combination lock. Discs must be positioned in the exact manner to spell out the correct password. In the same way, What was […] More

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    What do you put inside a cryptex?

    The Da Vinci Code Cryptex is the most interesting gift for a friend. It opens with password you set, and you can change the password at any time. Store your notes, poems, jewelry, keys or other valuables. The uses of this Cryptex are limited only by your imagination, perfect for sending someone the most special […] More