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    What are Cummies worth?

    The current price is $0.004252 per CUMMIES. In the same way, Where can I buy Cummies cryptocurrency? This cryptocurrency is relatively new and available on BNC (Binance Smart Chain). You can buy it on PancakeSwap and purchase it from CumRocket’s cryptocurrency exchange known as CumSwap. On CumSwap or PancakeSwap, you can easily exchange your Binance […] More

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    How many Cummies are there?

    CUMMIES has a circulating supply of 1.32 B CUMMIES and a max supply of 10 B CUMMIES. In the same way, Can you buy Cummies on Coinbase? CUMMIES like several other cryptocurrencies can not be purchased directly. You will first need to buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). To accomplish this step, you need to […] More

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    Where can you use Cummies?

    CUMMIES can be used as a tipping, messaging, custom request and sexting currency, and the NFTs available via CumRocket range from collectable anime to full adult films. Basically, it’s an NFT marketplace that doubles up as a private content subscription platform. In the same way, Is Cummies a Binance? You can swap into CUMMIES on […] More