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    What will Bitcoins be worth in 2025?

    Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025 As far as we know, Bitcoin’s fourth halving is set to take place in 2024, meaning that there’s a high possibility of prices spiking in 2025. There is a chance for it to reach $80,000 and then fall to around $70,000. The average price by the end of the year might […] More

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    Can DAI Be Trusted?

    DAI is safer than centralized stablecoins in that it cannot be seized or confiscated by any entity. On the other hand, the value DAI is not as safe compared to centralized stablecoins due to the volatility of the underlying collateral – Ethereum. Similarly, What is the future of DAI crypto? It forecasts an average price […] More

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    How much will DAI be worth?

    The future of DAI Capital suggests price growth, claiming it could be worth $5.68 in five years’ time, breaking the $2 mark in March 2024. WalletInvestor’s DAI coin price prediction is that it will be worth $0.997 in a year’s time, and stay around a dollar for the next five years. Similarly, Are DAI coins […] More